Jonathan Linden (Social standing switch AU)



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This is an AU version of Jonathan. You might want to check out his canon version from the main tab


  • Name Jonathan Linden
  • Age14
  • GenderMale
  • Height161cm
  • TypeHuman
  • Birthday 20.5 (Taurus)
  • Alignment Neutral good
  • oCCUPATION Student; heir
  • WeaponNone
  • MusicX & X & X


AU where Jonathan's and Claude's social standings are switched, Jonathan being an aristocrat and Claude from a much more humble setting.

A kind and gentle boy by default, the merciless social power struggles between aristocrat families have left Jonathan anxious and distrustful of others. He has no heart to doubt others and assume ill of them, but at the same time his lifestyle has forced him not to trust those around him in fears of being betrayed or his family's reputation tarnished. He has trouble presenting himself gracefully, and his active, almost restless nature is making it hard for him to sit through all the meetings his family has to attend. His way of life has given him a great deal of stress, resulting in him often appearing somewhat nervous and fidgety. He tries to avoid making close friends, but his natural ability to get along with others often ends up getting him more attached to people than he'd like to be, and this might sometimes lead in him cutting ties or distancing himself from people in the fear of being betrayed.

Jonathan wishes he could have lived a less sheltered and stressful way of life, but is simultaneously grateful of his privileges, such as private teaching and the ability to pursue after arts and writing. He enjoys outdoor activities but is simultaneously very interested in poems, and is very much also encouraged to pursue after them but with the assumption he will make himself known through it.  He has a surprisingly humble nature despite his social standing, and he would actually like to be part of the group rather than stick out from the rest.

Curious and adventurous, Jonathan tries to balance between expectations and responsibilities, and his own nature and interests. Despite his anxieties he still does have a charming and suave side to him especially shown in social events, granting him a relatively favorable reputation. However, when he is on his own, he comes across as more fearful and nervous.


Jonathan looks exactly as his canonical counterpart, except with slightly lighter skin due to staying indoors so often. His demeanor, however, is great deal more twitchy and nervous thn his canon self's is, and his expressions tend to be more on the solemn and serious side.


Jonathan was born to an aristocrat family as the first and oldest son, and as such was placed with heavy responsibilities from the start: to carry on with the family name, to make himself known, to have a good job and to continue the family line in a form of tentatively arranged marriage with a noble girl. His life was very controlled from the start, and although his family was loving, his parents were often too busy to spend time with him even if they wanted to do so. As a result Jonathan became particularly close with his little sister Maria, whom he treasures as his everything and would do anything for her. His life was simultaneously very eventful and very boring, with a lot of things to do, but most of them being something he wouldn't have wanted to do in the first place. 

He had a couple of friends, but as they were all nobles he felt like he had to keep his guard up with them, resulting in relatively shallow friendships despite his natural extroversion and ability to get along with others.  


  • He is just one big ball of anxiety honestly. Please save this boy and his smile 
  • His nature is honestly just not for this kind of life and it does him more harm than good to try to struggle in high society 
  • Is extremely freaked out by Claude but too afraid to like switch rooms with him so he tries to get along