Jonathan Linden (Taros AU)



2 years, 5 months ago


This is an AU version of Jonathan. You might want to check out his canon version from the main tab


  • Name Jonathan Linden
  • Age20
  • GenderMale
  • Height185cm
  • TypeHuman
  • Birthday 20.5 (Taurus)
  • Alignment Neutral good
  • oCCUPATION Crown prince
  • WeaponSword
  • MusicX & X & X


“I apologize for my behavior. It was a mistake from my part, and you have my deepest apologies. This is not how one should treat a honored visitor.”

The crown prince of Nietas, Jonathan is barely a year away from being crowned a king. Equally anxious and excited by his upcoming coronation, Jonathan is trying his best to be the king his people want, and is willing to go quite far to ensure the safety and wellbeing of his people, oftentimes risking himself to achieve a favorable outcome. A prince known for his strength in the battlefield, not many know he makes quite the scholar as well - he just prefers not to make much noise about it. Friendly and responsible but fast to throw himself into danger head first, he truly values the opinions of his less hot-tempered advisors and colleagues, in particular his advisor Walter and the court doctor Cyrus. 

Jonathan's life comes to a sudden change when a beast tamer from another court, Claude, arrives to his castle and brings forth an unexpected assassination attempt with him. Initially distrustful of Claude due to his original plans of assassinating Jonathan, when the two both find themselves being betrayed by the people who they thought to be allies, they embark on a journey to discover the real force behind the conspiracy. 

This version of Jonathan doesn't differ all too much from his canon counterpart, and most of his core personality traits are still there: he still remains kind, considerate and fair towards others, although also curious to a fault, hotheaded and not all too fond of following each and every rule and law that has been set up. As a young adult this version of Jonathan has more maturity and confidence that comes with age, and he has learned to present himself favorably for the most part, although much of it has to do with the fact Jonathan doesn't really have the kind of personality he would need to hide or force to on direction or another in the first place. 

Although great expectations have been placed upon his shoulders, this version of Jonathan doesn't fall into the same kind of despair as his aristocrat AU self does: as the crown prince he is already on the top of the social food chain, and as such he hardly needs to compete with the nobles over his position or fear a single, minor mistake will instantly throw him out of the circles. However, the life of the king-to-be hasn't always been rosy either: Jonathan still feels the pressure and heavy expectations on his shoulders regarding his future kingship, and he has a lot of fears concerning his capabilities to rule an entire kingdom. Thankfully he has a lot of close friends and acquaintances to help and support him, and eventually, as the two grow closer, Claude also becomes an important part of his life he can depend on as he eventually is crowned a king. 






  • This is just a fun AU I made to entertain myself since Taros is probably my dearest worldsetting and I really enjoy the idea of exploring the relationship of the characters as adults with slightly different histories behind them (Jonathan knowing Cyrus longer than Claude for example). It might parallel Sinfonia but doesn't necessarily reflect it and might totally change the way some characters interact or at least speed up the process of their relationship becoming stronger

  • He's regarded a very talented fighter and a swordsman, but he isn't all too fond of hunting when it comes to traditional sports: he feels very sorry for the animals especially if they're hunted for sport only, and he much prefers to leave hunting to those who actually do it for their livelihood.