Niels Jhadav



2 years, 6 months ago

Basic Info

Given name:

Niels Bahadur Jhadav

Goes by:

Niels Bahadur Jhadav


15 years






Lanky and tall



Relationship Status:

Single- sort of interested

Birthday | Zodiac:

August 24th | ♍


Media, Pennsylvania, United States of America


South Indian and Pakistani American

Birthstone | Flower:

Peridot | Ferns


Neils is super paranoid and obsessive, a budding psychic whose attempts to communicate with the dead often result in everyone else dismissing him as being attention hungry or just plain crazy. He considers himself an adult and is annoyed by other people in his age group. He can be easily flustered when people dismiss him and is easily angered/emotional. Whenever he can, he hangs out at his sister's house in a small, spooky town in order to get away from his overbearing parents and to be with the friends he has made there. He also thinks something about the town makes supernatural activity there heightened in some way. He isn't sure what, though. He finds his sister's constant interest in his whereabouts annoying. Constantly carries a backpack that contains gemstones, dowsing rods, incense, and an Ouija board. The reason he is so borderline obsessive about proving himself correct is that no one believes him when he tries to tell them things. However, there are two sides to this as he is often less willing to accept when he is actually in the wrong and will actively argue his point even in the face of a factual proof that he is mistaken. He can be rather closed minded in this sense and has a selective memory when it comes to things that can disprove his opinions, as in, he will remember things that allude to him being right and actively forget things that do the opposite.

His 'gift' has caused him to be extremely perceptive to how violent some ghosts act- and the larger supernatural reality as a whole- which has made him jumpy and easily excited as a result. He's quick to defend his views however and is often overly assertive of his ideas. He also likes all things conspiracy theories, ghost, aliens or government cover-ups, though is somewhat gullible when it comes to believing any sort of conspiricy claim. He's the kind of guy that watched that fake Discovery Channel documentary on mermaids being a real thing and totally believed it until he saw the disclaimer at the end- and is still unsure about the validity of said disclaimer.

Traits: +mature, +confident, +meticulous, +passionate, +psychic, -irritable, -paranoid, -obsessive, -easily flustered, -gullible, -critical, -moody, -highly opinionated

In depth bio:


  • Niels might actually be two types of psychic- he knows he's a medium but he has been developing clairvoyant-like abilities through prophetic dreams.
  • His triangle necklace is representative of the Bermuda triangle. 
  • He does not style his hair- it kind of just spikes that way naturally.
  • He is super blind without his glasses.
  • Niels had a nightmare once involving man-eating plants and now really hates flower shops
  • He has vitamins that his mother gave him stuffed into his backpack and keeps trying to remember to take them but always forgets.
  • He isn't a Christian at all but carries around blessed items and holy water because he finds them to be very effective.
  • His favorite YouTube thing is Buzzfeed: Unsolved, but he thinks Ryan is like 85% wrong about ghosts 100% of the time
  • Has an INTP personality type 

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