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Basic Info

Given name:

Oryc (pronounced: Oar-Ryhk)

Goes by:



died at 19 years






Fit, slightly slim



Relationship Status:

Single- interested

Birthday | Zodiac:

April 7, 3019 BC | ♈


Peru, somewhere near present-day Salaverry


Chinchorro Native

Birthstone | Flower(s):

Amber | Goldenrod


Oryc is a smart-ass, mean and sarcastic. He can be a bit bothersome and over-confident, and he is also slightly narcissistic, self-centered, very proud, a bit...well, sleazy, and likes to mess with people's emotions (mainly girls). Though this is probably because the people he usually hangs out with have a habit of throwing him under the bus. Everything is a joke until he actually gets hurt. If anyone else is hurt, who cares? However, he does not enjoy purposely hurting people and has less sadistic tendencies than something you'd expect.  Oryc was sacrificed in Peru around 3000 BC, and was mummified shortly afterwards. He pretty much realized he was dead right away and started to haunt his family and the entire village. After that, he branched out to people he had no personal connection with. Not deadly this time, at least not on purpose, but kind of annoying.  Couple thousand years pass by, and he's still pretty pissed on the subject. He feels that his entire family betrayed him, and over the time the hatred towards them has intensified. Also, make no mistake of how he acts, Oryc is old and has pretty passe opinions on human nature as a whole. For him, people just seem to repeat themselves, and society is a cycle.

Oryc also likes to scare basically anyone he can, and uses a lot of modern "ghetto" slang because in his opinion it makes him sound cool. He has a bad habit of taunting things much more powerful than himself and often ends up in a fight he cannot win, at which point he will either try to talk a way out or- if possible- he will vanish like the coward he is. He won't back down from anything he has a strong opinion on (especially if he has been wronged) though, and is very brash in this manner. Despite all this, he does have a mortality complex, as in he's afraid that he'll be forgotten and fade into obscurity (specifically athazagoraphobia) He also hates to be confronted with his past actions and/or asked to analyze them. His possessed amulet was taken as a relic and kept in a museum in a sleepy town for a long time and was eventually forgotten about. However, he managed to get someone to steal it and hide it away in an old attic, so he's happy that he has gotten out of that boring museum. 

 Traits: +charismatic, +honest, +brash, +sarcastic, +faithful, +determined, -overconfident, -mean, -narcissistic, -sleazy, -cowardly, -disrespectful, -steals things, -annoying, -terrified of being forgotten

In depth bio:


  • Oryc's spiritual body started breaking down around one thousand years after his death and it freaked him out alot. His legs were the first things to go. His amber amulet is the only thing keeping him on this plane.
  • He has no idea where his actual body is, or if it even still exists. He finds the Chinchorro mummification method terrifying and is grossed out that that is probably what happened to him. 
  • He secretly loves the Victorian era, he just thinks everything was much classier and yet entertaining back then. 
  • He can play a lot of instruments and is very good at piano, but will deny it because he considers it uncool.
  • He has a strong dislike/ mild fear of religious symbols and priests
  • If his amulet's physical position is jeopardized (anyone touches it, messes with it, etc) and he is not aware, his body will begin to 'bleed' black liquid rot.
  • Oryc is ambidextrous
  • He loves gold and anything that glitters and will steal it. However, any earrings he wears are clip-ons since he never really figured out how to "pierce" his ears
  • Has an ENFJ personality type
  • While he has only been directly responsible for one person's death-- a heart-attack prone museum curator (and that wasn't on purpose)-- he did get most of his family offed or exiled from beyond the grave by manipulating the rest of the village
  • Oryc would be classified as a standard ghost 

Dressing style: anti-clothes. Only wears bandages and his amulet, and occasionally stolen gold jewelry


Roleplay information: