Ariel Anderson



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Basic Info

Given name:

Ariel Margo Anderson

Goes by:

Ariel Margo Anderson


died at 20 years






hourglass and tall


Asexual and aromantic

Relationship Status:

Single- abstinent

Birthday | Zodiac:

April 28, 1892 | ♉


Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America


Danish and French

Birthstone | Flower:

Sapphire | White Water Lily


Ariel- a ghostly siren- is quiet, calm and hardly ever shows any anger. She is almost always faintly sad, and always smells slightly like the ocean. She's also damp to the touch. Many find her calm and slightly intimidating ways very creepy, but she doesn't seem to notice. It's like she's living in her own little world... She has an affinity for drowning people (the way she died herself) because she wants to show them a 'beautiful' death. She hates it when people resist her, however, and is prone to dismembering those who snap out of it and do not follow her song into the waters. When she doesn't have access to her preferred medium of water (a lake, pond, river, stream or ocean will do to keep her content), she is prone to 'drying out'- she will become overall more grumpy, hostile, and will all around appear more 'scary'.

Ariel Anderson should've been happy through her life, she was the only daughter of wealthy merchants and a naturally gifted singer. However, ever since she was seven years old, Ariel was always somewhat sad and had a strange fascination with the ocean and storms. On her twentieth birthday, Ariel's parents decided to take her on a cruise to try and cheer their daughter up. The family went on a high class and expensive cruise to Bermuda. Unfortunately, the ship was caught in a horrible storm and the hull was broken. It started rapidly gaining water, and could not be saved.  When the ship was evacuated, Ariel for some reason or another locked herself in the lower-class section of the ship. However, she had locked herself down there with several other passengers who, despite her attempts to convince them otherwise, did not want to drown. Still, she was relatively happy with herself and started to sing when a frantic passenger attacked her, stabbing her in her right eye. They all managed to get past her though, but she remained where she was, still singing. Eventually, she drowned and became a ghost. Feeling an unnatural urge to show people how beautiful a death by drowning could be, Ariel became a siren, enticing people with her voice and leading them to a watery grave. She often is referred to as 'Anderson' because it fits her better. 

Traits: +stoic, +calm, +musical, +careful, +respectful, +quiet, +passive, +persistant, +pleasant, -mostly emotionless, -insane, -murderous, -prejudiced, -dogged, -lacks any sympathy

In depth bio:


  • Anderson has not cut her hair since she was seven
  • She wears a corset- since they were in fashion during her time. However, it isn't 'tight laced'
  • She does not like songs with real words in them. She likes to hum.
  • She really dislikes hats for some reason
  • She also does not like shoes, but still wears them because she feels obligated to. 
  • Even on her spiritual body, she has no right eye. It's an empty, bloody socket under that eyepatch.
  • She occasionally takes old glass bottles and turns them into little homes for fish.
  • When her hair is dry, it is very voluminous, flowy and has a slight curl. 
  • She has an INFJ personality type
  • Anderson would be classified as a self-aware ghost 

Dressing style:


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