Valentine Adelaide (Relationships)





Aurelio (Boss)

[ Best friend, boss, & unrequited love target ]

Boss~! He's the person who saved him from an uncertain, scary future many years ago. Valentine was first hired as his apprentice and still is considered to be one, but besides that he works as his hitman and personal bodyguard. He's always been sweet and understanding in his own awkward and blunt way, but also scolded him for his bad actions, unlike a certain Caporegime. Boss has always been the most accepting person in his life, helping him as much as he can (even if he's helping in a way Valentine hates). A while into his apprenticeship he developed a crush on him, and Aurelio figured it'd pass with time, but all that really happened was the crush growing into more of a romantic obsession. Valentine says he's the only person he'll ever love, avoiding serious relationships for the chance that his strong feelings might one day be requited.

He hopes that one day they'll get married. He'd make a horrible housewife, but he'd like to be one for him.



[ Godfather ]

He doesn't talk to him much, but when they do, he seems nice enough. Boss completely changes who he is around him. He feels something off about him but can't quite place it. Valentine refuses to take orders directly from him, only agreeing when Boss tells him to.



[ Friend & former teacher ]

Camilo trained Valentine when he was younger and first recruited. He was only ever nice and encouraging to him, as opposed to Boss letting him know when he acts out of line. He's almost like an older brother figure to him. And of course as Boss' best friend for decades, he got attached to him just as much as Aurelio. When Boss is the voice of wisdom, Camilo is the one who indulges him to do the more fun things in life. They're just a little dangerous together when left unsupervised.



[ Rival ]

Neither of them like each-other. Valentine doesn't remember what started their rivalry, but as soon as they're in the same room they pick fights. The target is usually pointed at his appearance or strange relationship with Aurelio. Santino only threatens him or says anything to make him upset when Aurelio is around so he doesn't get killed by his angry outbursts. Valentine is secretly a little hurt by his words and lets them sink in more than he lets on.

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