Taji Lavellan



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Lady Inquisitor Taji Lavellan

female. elven rift mage.

friends: Varric, Sera, Cole, Iron Bull, Blackwall, Dorian, Vivienne, Cassandra

romance: Solas

Originally from the Lavellan Clan, Taji never fit into the Dalish lifestyle. With the chance of escaping it forever, she swore herself to the Inquisition. During the events that followed, she fell in love with the apostate elf known as Solas. He completely changed her view of the world, which included abandoning her former Dalish religion for the better and introducing her to the wonders of being a Rift Mage. Under his watchful eye and expertise, Taji discovered a new world of possibilities within the endless plane of the Fade, as well as the true history of her Elvhen ancestors. Perhaps this is ultimately what pushed her to believe in Fen'harel's cause. While attending the Exalted Council two years later, Taji discovered the true nature of her lost lover. Some say she dreams of The Dread Wolf, gazing at an unreachable distance, only to vanish just before she reaches to touch his fur. Vowing to redeem him no matter the cost, the famed Inquisitor disbanded the Inquisition entirely. Her forces may not be what they once were, but she would sacrifice anything to find her lost elf; if not to sway him from his path, then to join him.