☆PixiPets Capsulez!☆

What in the world?! The Pixis have gone exploring on some new domains, and some new traits have appeared! Each Pixi of this new sub-type has a liquid filled shell over their belly with all sorts of glitter and confetti filling them. They're very active and bouncy, matching the swirls in their unique capsule.

☆One Pixi is *RARE*, with super fancy confetti! And at least another is Uncommon, with some special traits. But will it be?☆

Each design is $15, or the equivalent trade value in art or designs.

☆If you are not attached to your Pixi, you can sell or trade them! But not for more than you paid. Please see the FAQ for more information!☆

Check out the Pixi's home on the World Wide Web, over at PixiPets Paradiseto learn more!