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Endlessness,Void Creator,Sol,Your Grace,Grace




Old as time


Terra Detoran-Alien ,deity


                                                                                                      TERRA DETORES
                                                                                                                The Origin
Long ago when the universe was still young,there was a god named,Sol that cultivated planets many were vacant,young and incomplete.But the one planet the first the god started with was near completion naming it Venero.Sol wanted this planet to be protected and be to be loved.Sol was a galaxy themself in the shape of a man.When described or drawn he is often depicted with a comet for a tail and paws for feet,horns,long ears that could hear a supernova in another galaxy, eyes bright like shining stars and hair as beautiful as a nebula.When Sol finished Venero they pulled apart of their body and scattered it among the planet.Sprouting from the remains were the first Earth Givers.

                                                                                                  Cosmos Tree and Sanctuary 
Earth Givers/Terra Detores flourished for thousands of years.Detorans were given the power of Sanctuary,the power to speak to Sol  and the deceased.Magic was learned and was boosted through special Cosmos Tree fruit.When Detoran die they become apart of the galaxies themselves ranging from stars,drifting comets and planets assisting Sol in creations of the universe.Detorans were created without mammary glands, the only way for the young and elderly to gain health or maintain is through the Cosmos Trees.The trees surge with magic and the fruit is considered good luck to eat on special days.For babies  a whole month they are placed in small pods from the fruit and bask in the juice as their skin is sensitive and absorb it well.Little colorful galaxies float on their skin contrasting their blue and purple skins.This sometimes holds significance on how much magic they will be able to hold or how easy it will be for them to learn in the future.When they become children they go to school and learn basic magic,it's in class that they have a trip to their local Cosmos Tree and break a branch.From there it becomes an extended source of magic use.Most use magic as naturally as they breathe others care little for it and place these magical sticks up in their rooms for aesthetic and nostalgia purposes.

                                                                                                           Terra Detorans
Detorans have a longevity that is envied by humans as well as the use for magic.Magic is a limited thing most magic is limited to basic needs as only higher up Detoran have the right and knowledge to extent uses of the power.This is sought as important to all and to any that take advantage of the power are often taken to Sanctuary and wake up stripped of their power by Sol.Because they identify agender the idea is usually confusing when humans confront about females.They all have both reproduction systems to produce young,they lack mammary glands which originally a mammal would need to feed young.Detorans have strong fingers which they use when standing on all fours as well as strong skulls.They have light paw pads but are pretty hard to see on their hands. They have slightly larger hands and their paws are durable much like apes for gripping rocks,trees,etc.Strong tails are used for balance and swimming,covered in fur.The younger generations are more eager to move to more urban areas due to entrepreneurs that are Detorans,the top contenders of that being Kratos and Alex Zu,Umbris' parents.Detorans have a small amount of holidays compared to humans but they tend to last longer (2-4 days).There are small shrines and large towers called,Vaults.The most famous one was ruined in a storm 30 years prior to the Detoran Famine.Majority of items were ruined but archeologist have recently found hidden rooms.They also can levitate for unknown reasons,though according to old books it was said that they learned from Sol because the surface was still hot against their pawpads when brought to Venero. Horns are more like tree branch than a mammal like antelope or deer with antlers,the horn can be broken which snacks like a tree branch.The feeling of them also feel like trees.When broken off the center of the horn is a light blue.The horns do not grow back except for some cases with shaman (Avala).Unsure where horns come from,some said Sol created them to look like themself and some say due to the relying on the Cosmos Tree is the sole reason.When a Detoran dies the magic that has harvested in their bodies leaves moving to the heavens to shape a comet or star in the sky.Most Detoran are tall with a few exceptions in the past the Detoran Famine,an unknown virus when eaten through foods spread to impregnated Detoran weaken them or kill them.A small handful were born that year and speculation and paranoia built creating a tension that was bound to happen.Many born during those years were smaller,more fragile to illness and lack of magic.

                                                                                  Humans and Detoran interactions
Human scientist have created interesting talk about the mysterious race to this day.Why do they age slowly?Where are the females?Should magic be allowed to be taught in human intergrated school?And is Detoran language courses required?And more controversy.Most Detorans under a certain age group and from certain locations suffered from the Detoran Famine which physically and magically intervened with develpoment.Detorans tend to have horns removed permanently at the age of four when horns begin to peak or have them filed so to accommodate living styles though certain places have automatically made 10ft. ceilings as well as automobiles for comfort.A few Detoran don't have their horns removed in protest to not falling prey to adjustments to humans who came to their world.Humans in more current settings are somewhat more open than ones that live in the countryside,the areas located out there are where the older modeled spaceships are found.Since then Detorans and humans have worked to together to import and export goods.Some hate the idea that more humans  visit their planets now that space travel has become much more popular.

Japanese language was one of the main languages along with English and French to make an impact on Detorans. Japanese specifically as it was Japan that found a way to dissect the language apart and found the language was similar in ways and yet different. Many city Detoran speak a bastardized version of both often called Japoran, although most speak whatever the territory they live in Japanese is apart of the language learned. There is also debate to make a language based on the humans living on Venero.

                                                                                                            Religion of Sol
 ♬                a.k.a Soldox        9084857_71O01N8T846gHTE.pngLong ago when the universe was still young,there was a god named,Sol that cultivated planets many were vacant,young and incomplete.But the one planet the first the god started with was near completion naming it Venero.Sol wanted this planet to be protected and be to be loved.Sol is a galaxy themself in the shape man.When described or drawn they often depict with a comet for a tail and paws for feet,horns,long ears that could hear a supernova in another galaxy, eyes bright like shining stars (yellow and blue) and hair as beautiful as a nebula. Sol can be drawn naked or clothed in robes usually two large rings or halos representing the sun (gold) and the moon (blue). When Sol finished Venero they pulled apart of their body and scattered it among the planet.Sprouting from the remains were the first Earth Givers.Sol is often portrayed holding the planet Blessing in his left hand and a universe in his right.Young Detoran often draw him with star eyes and a canid mask.

A black and blue arch is usually the entryway to the small shrine which houses only three to seven depending on size.Shrines are often kept up by chiefs or government for cities.Stray shrines are usually kept up by nearby small villages,two times a week schools children and teachers volunteer to sweep and make an offer.Offerings are always Cosmos Tree Nut placed in the center a large meaning of life and food as well as a tree branch carved into a small staff from Cosmos Trees.

Vaults were towers created by Detorans but struggled keeping them up when humans appeared on the planet and started tampering.A couple of shaman Detorans asked for a more powerful magic Sol gave that power but it was too difficult to maintain.The magic called,Negamagic disintergrates things in a black hole esque way.During this time,a small group of Detoran warriors created by the shaman to scare the humans away.It worked temporarily as they used the magic taught by shaman but eventually that wasn't enough as humans pressed on that this would be their new home.The usage of Negamagic on humans angered them creating a one year war.Which the humans finally raised a white flag after their supplies began to run down.The magic was locked up and supposedly forgotten.Sanctuary is obtained by a powerful meditation that usually Shaman can obtain .Who upon seeing shocked Sol,he knew he journeyed to a Vault and managed to somehow unlock some of the magic.Sol took pity on the Famined Detoran instructing never to use it and took any magic based on it away.He did give the Detoran access to Sanctuary in exchange.

One thing Sol struggles with is Black Holes,they are passed on Detoran that died with too much hatred in their hearts and rather than become apart of the galaxy such as stars and planets with their spirits at peace they become literal Black Holes.Sol deals with the Black Holes by surrounding them in a Starcage also known to humans as constellations.Most Detorans that become Black Holes are described as being completely black resembling Sol at first.An old story depicting the first Black Hole described it as "Looking at a deceitful Sol,pulling you in with trust.And when they have you entranced they pull you in making you become as void as they are..."When young Detoran are hardheaded parents tell them they will put them in the Starcage, the mentions of this word becoming controversy with Detorans being called bad parents.Black Holes have been made into action and horror movie genre.


Blessing was named my human scientist,Goldi-24 referencing the Goldilocks Zone.It is still mentioned by astronomers as that name. For simpler naming as well as Detoran disagreement on the claiming of the planet in books and some media it is known as Blessing or E-2.The site of where the spacecraft for the first human landing still remains though many feel the spacecraft by name,FUTURE should be removed is looked at as a monument and human accomplishment. Blessing has been around for only four millennia making it a relatively young compared to Earth. Simple things that took centuries to create on Earth by various civilizations were created in the first 100 years. Examples that Detorans created are transportation via creature pulled,writing,functional and water systems. The planet has four seasons like Earth. Spring is the shortest month and winter the longest, summers can be mild to hot and autumn mild to cold and rainy. Summer often rains scarce and when it does rain it often rains for weeks often called "monsoon month". The days tend to be shorter by three hours but the year is just as long as Earth. The closets satellite is a little further away than the original moon but bigger. Blessing has forests,oceans,plains,a small mountain range and no deserts. 

Warpgates: In the start of expanded space exploration warpgates were designed by EF (Earth Federation) one located 20 miles from Blessing’s moon where tolls and large spacecraft are checked for cargo. The one’s on Earth’s side are at the midpoint between the Earth and moon. The gates themselves actually are built near a wormhole that was discovered about 200 years ago.
There are only two continents that stretch from the center of the planet up north but never reaching the poles. The continents have yet to be named and were named, due to conflict of many countries wanting to have a name. The names for the continents are CW and CE,it gets plenty of eyerolls in court as the push for a name that people would like and Detoran leaders would approve is under watch. The continents are broken down:Division>Counties>Cities>Towns and Villages (towns having control now over villages)
Misty Pastures: 
An  industrial city with very few tourist attractions. It was the largest agricultural area on the planet,hint the name. However,due to recent import and export interest it became unfit sue to industrial pollution. It is widely known to Detoran as the place for the largest shrine and learning grounds for upcoming shaman.

Amberfield City: The capital the name coming from it's amber like glow when discovered during a sunset. It is the main area most humans live if not the suburbs of the city,in the recent 100 years Detorans and immigrated to the city in search of job opportunities as technology grows and demand for labor as well as white collar jobs for translating have grown. Small “Earth Towns” have popped up in Amberfield. These are due to the demograph of people that travelled to Blessing as well as financial investment. Examples:Neo York (New York,US ), Little Shinjuku(JP), Great London(EN),Paris(FR). A couple of countries are interested in a tourism aspect and turned eyes to the warpgate and spacecraft to venture into the unknown. 
Pineborough:A town where most of the Detoran/Human war took place as well as the famine.It now flourishes as a tourist town healthy in it's tourism as well as it's farming community.
Mt.Hibernis/Hibernis Town:Northern most town of the world,an hour train ride and two to three hour drive.The beginning of the war started in it's dangerous mountains.It's in this location that some of the most important Detoran history is preserved as well as scientific data is monitored.
*Earth: It isn’t common but some Detoran have moved to Earth,mostly jobs they make up 20% of population and mostly reside in the USA.

                                                   The banning of magic and post war relocation
After the war on Mt.Hibernis a truce was finally decided by the leaders of Vaults.  The ones that weren’t taken over or held the shaman against their will made the decision to stop. A deal of letting settlements be made and introduce life from Earth to Blessing had been made. The EF let immigrants of villages move to the towns that started popping as the demand to learn to function the new planet was needed. However, the banning of magic had been created as a way of control, this stunted Detoran migration to mostly human areas after people learned what they needed. Detorans turned to their town leaders for guidance feeling stabbed after being barred from most settlements but letting humans take their items and without so much as a finger offered to help clean up the damage caused. It was another two years and much debating and prolonging that the Detorans demanded the Earth Federation members meet on Blessing for a meeting to help the slowly rebuilding residence. The Negamagic was hidden or destroyed so humankind wouldn’t tamper with it. Detoran took interest in wanting to move again after shaman deemed it safe, it was at this time that most made a tough decision of bringing their culture with them especially magic. The latter was decided to not worth the prejudice that was held against them. As centuries have gone by those Detoran that moved to human places ended up detaching themselves from magic.

                                                                     Holidays  and Festivals

Agrifestival: A summer festival in late May-early June.The festival celebrates the blessing of agriculture and harvest of food to come for the summer.During this time winter food can be found on sale for cheap.Spring is the shortest month on Blessing so the demand for food is high due to summer vacation.During the festival dancers will dance upon a stage set up near the farms and fields.There fresh vegetables,fruit and sometimes meat are set at booths in promotion for upcoming sales for businesses.Games and competitions are held and sometimes cash prizes are awarded.Most nights are completed with Detorans and human(tourist) watching a final dance.The festival is based around dancers who chant and dance to music in hoping Sol bestows a healthy harvest and growth of agriculture related. In the cities because of climate the festival is often in late June-August.

Remembrance of Stars:
Taken place in early to mid-summer and dedicated in remembrance to the victims of Detoran/Human War and Detoran Famine,to the parents who lost children,loved ones that lost a significant other or to pray for further luck for a current survivor.Lucky survivors and families often go to the shaman or chief of the town,village or local community center in a city to receive a painted marking "blessed" from further sickness.On this day a small white lantern is lit outside of everybody's home at the beginning of evening until midnight and traditional hymns are said.They are sung in hopes of Sol hearing them to awake the sleeping spirits of family passed on in forms of the universe.Some that can use Sanctuary use this to talk to family,Detoran living areas are often closed in human areas.

Harvest Day: Is the second harvest for Detorans and first harvest for human farmers. The day isn't so much a holiday or festival like Agrifestival but moreso a reminder as autumn crawls up and the demand of crops or required,the popular demand of hiring more labor workers and farmers to venture and buy land or explore to create more farm for the ever-growing population.
Fortune Day/November 5th: A day celebrated a month after Harvest Day. The knowing of it originates from after the Detoran Famine was said to had been cured but felt to have a celebratory creation so soon was tasteless. Detoran families cook and bake special feast and celebrate. Ornaments are often hung outside the house in the simple shape of a small child and sun. Prayers for any who step inside or live there for good fortune  in hopes of never having to deal with the Detroan Famine.During this time it is when Detoran are seen especially near mountainous areas to be out in the forest hunting for “coming of age” ceremonies.

Snow Festival: A mostly Hibernis holiday. Depending where one lives there may be or may not be snow at the time.Regardless,winter decorations are placed around for fun.Gifts are given to one another in hope of good luck for the new year.It is required one gift is made homemade for it to be good luck.Often large feast are held especially ones mixed with Cosmos Fruit.Offerings of special meals are placed at the shrines in-home or at the local shrine.Often Detoran go to the community center in the town,village or city and set up many events with a stage in the middle that is made for prayer and performance.There are events based on strength,magic,cooking and so on.The most popular are snow building contest and snowball competitions.Snow Festival is the first week of January.

Christmas:Due to living among humans the holiday has rubbed off on them.Though they don't have the same beliefs they love the meaning of it and often find reasons to give gifts if possible.

Detoran Hike: This is more like a vacation but a lot different from most humans definition. Detoran will often pack up enough for a week and trvael by foot to reservations created for camping and spending time together. These reservations were created after the war when a deal was made to let humans expand more habitat. These are untouched grounds and often Detoran towns are built with a path that is close access to them as well as highways for human tourist. Every business which sparingly exist along the path are Detoran owned.

Comet’s Arrow: A holiday varying on location of the comet messenger and shaman, Firn. The holiday often represents love and loyalty.

Century Hunt:A special hunt for Detorans that come of age at 100,they hunt with others their age in a week long hunt.They are required to bring a  back a fauna ranging medium to large and work as a pack to hunt.The goal is teamwork as well as survival as the Century Hunt takes places in winter. The Century Hunt for Hibernis has the largest packs ranging to 30 while other towns are only 15. 

Human holdiay influence: 
Depending on location and ethnicity of humans the holidays are often celebrated among Detoran in the work place.