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A Blessing From Above

Name: Val
Called: --
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual Pansexual
Age: Immortal (Appears 46)
Voice: xxx
Race: Archangel
Occupation: Chief
Height: 35'9"
Likes: Helping, Gardens, Faith, Reading, Righteousness
Dislikes: Demons, War, Fights, Hate, Indecency
He has a charming and welcoming personality, being generous, kind and respectful towards anyone even demons but he takes it with a grain of salt. Besides the homey attitude Val is very uptight and can be very aggressive. He appears to be extremely intimidating but tries to keep a positive and more open attitude especially around guests but for the most part he is man you can trust your life on, a man many adore and pray, a blessing from above


Val, an Archangel, a being of high praise and power he is one of the highest ranked angel in the spheres of heaven. In such power of course he is in charge of up most important task, a chief of angels, sending warriors down to fight the damned and protecting the graced and his kind. Another responsiblity that he holds is hunting demons. Golden Paradiso, the force he runs, is known for hunting the dark spawn, those with great power, though after a large fight with a demon he's grown weary from encountering certain demons.


As a high sphere angel Val carries immense strength and as an immortal being tough to take down. Despite the lack of wings Val is indeed able to fly however hardly does so. Another ability would be able to cast lightning with a snap of his finger


-Hardly ever switches to feral form

-When near he gives a warm fuzzy feeling like motivation or encouragement

-Hates to admit/show the tattoos he has

-Sometimes gives off a creepy vibe. Often stares without blinking



"Preach for Jubilee, be one to be blessed and protected from the damned"



Where there is light shadow grows. Boss is the shadow to the Val, an infamous Hell Hound that continues to mock Val. Boss is indeed the guardian's main goal in his list but after a battle with the beast of darkness Val was sent troubled and weak despite almost claiming victory