Rosy Sky



9 months, 5 days ago

Basic Info


winged fox


helps solve friendship problems






Rosy Sky is a cute flying fox with a tummy symbol, who promotes friendship and love, and caring about other people. She's similar to, but distinct from a Care Bear Cousin, and she has similar abilities, with the main difference being that her Care Bear Stare works differently. She doesn't mind people considering her a Care Bear. She's extremely huggable.

Rosy Sky has a motherly personality (like a Toriel but even sillier?) and she helps out with friendship problems and providing comfort where people need it. She tries to help put people in better situations than they were in before, and she emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself, and separating yourself from harmful situations. One of the things her Stare can do is change someone else into a plush version of themselves, for as long as they like. This is used to help put people into a spot where they don't have any worries and can relax. She leads a team that's similar to the actual Care Bear group, with similar purposes.

Aside from her Stare, her symbol can also be used to create magical hearts with different uses. They're usually (but not always) "solid", but breakable with some force, and they go away on their own after a bit of time. She can use these as projectiles, barriers, or whatever really.

Her other main focus is meeting and collecting all of the Care Bear related characters she can find and attempting to bring them together. As well as changing anyone who would like to become one!

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