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Name Celia
Age ???
Gender She/They
Race Rabbit-like creature
Height 1'6
Worth $29.50

timid . melancholic . anxious



Celia is a very timid and paranoid creature, constantly on edge and liable to jump at anything. She is plagued with persistant anxiety as well, often causing her to shy away from new things or experiences, going so far as to compel her to run away from perceived danger. She often looks tired, worried or upset, with a slouched posture or arms kept protectively close.

She often mumbles to herself or "talks" to the shadow leeching on her body. It doesn't appear to speak in turn, but its likely that the shadow speaks to Celia in her mind. Whilst the shadow can manifest entities/mouths from Celia, it is unknown if it can actually speak.

When emotionally or mentally vulnerable, the shadow can be seem making moves to "consume" her body, so Celia tries to avoid confrontations or interactions that might elicit strong emotions, both positive and negative. As a result she is rather lonely, only able to "socialise" with the parasite in her own mind.


Celia has large claws that can be extended and retracted at will, but she rarely uses them to fight (typically because she runs at any perceived conflict). Her claws are black, but turn red in contact with the shadow.

The shadow on her body can transform/shift into wildly different things, ranging from other animals limbs to nightmarish shapes of gnashing teeth and unblinking eyes. When Celia is totally encompassed in shadow, is it possible for her to transform into entirely different creatures.

The shadow has some fluid/independant movement from Celia's body (bubbling, wisping; can take on the properties/move and feel like goo, etc), and most commonly takes the shape of teeth, mouths, hands, claws, spikes and wings. Most of these distortions/shapes are proportionally irregular/strangely large (e.g. large, clawed hands). (Other shapes are possible, but those are the most notable/common ones.)

Eyes commonly appear on the shadows surface, although they are completely optional (but preferable to be included).

The shadow always covers half of their face and their other ear. Manifestations of "eyes" appear over where their other eye would be.

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