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Forestgiven Half-moon mountains
Age Young adult (around 20)
Gender Female, intersex (CAIS)
DOB 9/22/16, Virgo
Species Demigod; cervid/vulpine
Orientation Demisexual
Alignment Lawful Netural
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Hallvarðr, Earthen Aegis, Moonquake, the

An amalgamation of earth, bone, and flesh contained around a Kami soul. Her body does not appear to produce its own warmth, instead reflecting the temperature of the air around her much like a rock might. A cervine of indeterminate species, but heavily resembles a mix of whitetail and elk with a few vulpine traits present, including canine-like dentition. Androgynous in build and appearance, could easily be mistaken for a male if one isn't looking hard enough.

She has lithe musculature in her long legs, but her body is bulky and covered in dense fur around her neck and haunches with a ruff settled between her withers. Heavier than her build suggests. Between #10 and #17 at the wither. Fur is a combination of dark, stone browns in color, with pale cream accents, and blue accents in her hooves and horns. Antlers are strange, uneven, and almost crystalline in appearance. They do not shed but grow slowly. Eyes are asymmetrical, one with black sclera and a blue pupil while the other is all blue with a regular pupil.

Excellent hearing and smell; eyesight less so, sensitive to brightness. Nearsighted and sometimes spooked if approached from behind; hates people getting behind her for this reason. Relies more on tactile senses than her eyes, especially her sense of smell. Exceptional olfactory memory; even if she doesn't remember a person by their name or appearance, she likely remembers their scent. Doesn't care much for scentless individuals for this reason.

Has a one scar that runs over her spine to the left side of her flank, and several that stretch over her left shoulderblade. Sporting a few notable tears in her right ear. Dons the helm of a fox skull that surrounds her face entirely to protect her head, along with several other small accessories. Never seen without a few of them.


  • Bone/rock collecting
  • Ancient ruins
  • Moonlight, nighttime
  • Vintage or old books
  • Poppies


  • Large bodies of water
  • Uninvited touch
  • Excessive machismo
  • Strong, unfavorable scents
  • Total silence



Glacial. Hesitant. Stoic. Rigid. Calm. Analytic. Scheming. Inquisitive. Humble. Insecure. Logical. Studious. Truthful. Resolute. Altruistic. Sadistic. Genuine. Puckish. Taciturn. Innovative. Weary. Trustworthy. Defensive. Observant. Enduring. Devoted. Sardonic. Clinical. Overprotective. Disciplined. Wry.

Yasu has a strong independent streak, however, she doesn't like being completely alone. An ambivert. She can appear shy, though she truly isn't. Down-to-earth, and knows her place is not above others nor does she wish it to be; remains quiet of her power unless prompted about it. She is steered strongly toward the truth, guided by her heart toward what she believes is right; full of conviction. She's dilligent, a fast learner, and a gatherer of knowledge. Able to keep a level-head in most situations, it's hard to fluster, stress, or embarrass her. Unused to being extremely open about her emotions, has a tendency to swallow them instead.

Along with her reserved demeanor, part of Yasu remains insecure of who she is and who she wishes to be. Feels as though there are high standards she must live up to and she cannot be herself around many. Doesn't tend to enjoy meeting strangers, but she is curious and analytical with regards to just about everything she does not already know about. Open-minded. Not terribly prone to play, quite serious without meaning to be. A protector and a fierce one when need be, but wholly uninterested in starting fights where they aren't needed. It wouldn't be a stretch to say she has a bit of a savior complex, developed from her altruistic nature.

Tends to to guard others she spends time with but rarely does she come to blows if she can help it. She would much rather humiliate an opponent than outright harm them, or use violence; pacifistic to a degree. Hates to chase, stands her ground instead of initiating pursuit unless necessary. Takes a sadistic glee in the pain or damage of those that might cause active harm. However, does not enjoy immense suffering, and only takes up her sword in what she sees as unjust situations. Likes comeuppance but not vengeful without good reason. Able to have a logical view of incidents without her feelings causing bias.

Though she's mollified in her solitude, she's restless all the same for a place of her own she feels as though she belongs. She loves her parents dearly, but the burden of being caught between two very different worlds weighs heavily on her shoulders. Due to her lack of proper socialization with other children when she was growing up besides her brother, Yasu can come off as awkward, or stiff with new people; an unfortunate result of her relatively sheltered years under her deity parent's care. She is learned, but naive in certain ways and less in others. Seeks to fill the gaps in her knowledge by any means possible, but realizes knowing everything is an implausibility.

Defined by several core tenets: Providence, Fortitude, Truth, Humility, Mercy. Thinks of these ideas as pillars of her discipline, important considerations around how she acts, thinks, and feels. Stable because of it, and has a strong constitution to go along with, but not without occasional timorousness.


A Demigod born to a deity of Death and a mortal alongside her twin brother, Haru. She was delivered in the Endless Forest in 2016 to several half-siblings, her mother, and her birthgiver. Her earliest memories are of the Endless and some of the residents within it, along with a few of its threats. She learned from a tender age that the world could be unforgiving, even to youngsters.

Yasu has lived a majority of her life thus far as a sheltered child, surrounded by copious amounts of books courtesy of her parent's vast library. The first thing she did was learn to read and write so that she could understand the books in said library and begin her journey into literature. While her brother was a traveler, Yasu remained a homebody, enjoying the solitude of both Kerosene's temple and Cassiopeia's cabin. She saw little of her family once she became an adolescent besides her deity parent, but tried not to let the absence bother her by learning to live with the solitude gracefully.

Eventually, inspired by the heroic stories she'd become enamored with, she took up learning how to fight by way of asking Indra to teach her. While Kerosene was disapproving in the beginning, Yasu's insistence allowed Indra to become her mentor in the way of hand to hand combat. Found out the hard way that she had a long path ahead of her to be proficient enough to do what she wished to do (protecting others with her power), but persevered into early adulthood with the determination to grow stronger. While she is not a master brawler, she can hold her own without issue in both forms as a result of her strict training regimen.

Now, Yasu has matured into a young woman with her destiny in her hands, unsure of where to go next.



Charisma 40%
Kindness 80%
Temper 10%
Integrity 75%
Courage 85%
Humor 25%


Attack 90%
Defense 95%
Vitality 65%
Resistance 55%
Speed 30%
Stamina 60%


Endurance 85%
Confidence 40%
Intelligence 95%
Manners 90%
Optimism 50%
Luck 20%



Capable of "hearing" the souls of other individuals if they're within a certain range of her, with each having a distinctive noise that often embodies its vessel. Can discern when a soul is off-kilter or abnormal, or when a soul's light has been snuffed entirely. Too many individuals gathering around her in one spot can overwhelm her, though she is beginning to learn to tune her "hearing" toward one soul instead of allowing herself to be drowned by everything all at once.

Touched by Death

Intrinsically drawn to death(s) or places that facilitate it, like graveyards. Can see and speak with spirits, or ghosts. Capable of creating earthen golems and implanting detached souls to them, but has yet to experiment with this ability; actually afraid of it. Cannot manipulate or otherwise interfere with the souls of those that aren't dead, nor can she revive a dead individual.


Able to manipulate rock, mineral, soil, and dirt into whatever form she likes provided there's enough of it and she is of strength to. Can create constructs with limited animation, rain nearby sharp stones upon her enemies, or summon large spires out of the ground around her when necessary. Power seems fairly limited to smaller, more localized uses; cannot manage large-scale earthquakes, like her parent, for example. Requires her focus to achieve certain outcomes.

Earthen Armor

Because of a portion of her body is made from earth, she can control it to form an outer skin; this works as a set of temporary armor that ensures most first strikes are met with nothing but dirt. She does not always maintain the armor as doing so takes a portion of her concentration and pulling it all to the outside of her body slows her down; it's used primarily when she's defending herself. Takes a bit of time to regenerate after it's been broken.


Rosary (2.0) [ Equipped ]

What remains of her rosary after the original was broken by Aischro. Was formerly a gift from her parent that was made out of polished hardwood beads and several larimar magatama. Now consists of a strong, deer skin chord that holds the single remaining magatama from the former iteration, and two unidentifiable bones from an enigmatic creature flanking each side of it. No longer carries any divine power, a sentimental object.

Fox Skull Helm [ Equipped ]

A gift from her parent. Worn always in the Endless because it acts as a buffer for the background noise of her soul-hearing and allows her to engage crowds without being overwhelmed. Used to protect her face as well, as it's specially fitted to her head and front tines. Divined to be extremely durable alongside its property to act as a barrier for Yasu's ability. Sometimes decorated with paint for festivities, but otherwise left plain.

Tine Charm [ Not Equipped ]

Gifted to her at birth by Cassiopeia. Holds no special properties but cherished all the same and worn sometimes as a token of inner strength. Hung over her bone collection. The combined rune means the following: Isa - Ice, standstill, block, challenge; Ehwaz - yew tree, stability, strength, reliability, enlightenment; Ansuz - communication, insight, truth, wisdom.

Crescent Necklace [ Equipped ]

An unexpected but welcomed gift from Leto, worn around her neck alongside her default necklace. Treasured greatly. Considered a token of clarity and thoughtfulness even if it seems to hold no special power.

Tarot Reading [ Not Equipped ]

A parchment scroll with an inscription of the tarot reading she obtained from Lady Pao. While she doesn't put blind faith in its veracity, recognizes there is accuracy to some of the interpretations, and thus has value. Kept among her personal library. A bit of a sentimental piece for various reasons.

Pearl and Gold Earring [ Equipped ]

Half of a pair. 'Picked up' from another world by Indra as a gift for Yasu. The matching earring is kept by Eremes, who gave up the other half to her as a token of their bond. Seen as a reminder of the Sphinx, and thus cherished. Made into a set of port keys thanks to her meddling that can be used by one to take them to the other. Worn on a gold chain around her neck with Eremes' bangle in the Endless.

Bo Staff [ Not Equipped ]

A birthday gift from Kerosene. A retractable staff made of hardened, polished dark hardwood and larimar. Very durable, but used only in her human form. Still learning how to use the weapon, but dedicated to figuring it out.

Metal Bracers [ Not Equipped ]

A pair of fine, metallic bracers made by Favager for her human form. Worn only in combat as a human to protect her forearms from blocked blows. Held dear and mounted alongside her skull helm in her room when not in use.

Golden Bangle [ Equipped ]

A heartfelt gift from Eremes. Told it's a significant piece to the Sphinx, and given during a moment of vulnerability. Beloved and worn as a reminder of their promises to each other, along with their feelings. Precious, guarded. Worn on a gold chain around her neck with her port-key earring in the Endless.

Crocodile Skull [ Not Equipped ]

A painted skull from Verve, Leto's sibling. Obtained as a festive gift for the Samhain season. A beloved piece of her bone collection. Entirely unwearable due to its eye-hole positioning, but makes for a great display piece.

Many-Cloak [ Not Equipped ]

A Yule gift from her twin brother, Haru. Able to change the style, color, and quality of the cloak at will; not able to be anything but a cloak, however. Not worn on a regular basis but a useful tool for when she travels to other realms, thus is well taken care of.




Her human form really isn't all that different from her feral likeness. Has no heterochromia as a human (a result of her minor shapeshifting though can drop this to reveal a similar look to her feral form's with a blue pupil and a dark sclera), and wears glasses to help with her poor vision.

Muscular, but not buff, holds most of her muscle in her torso; has a kickboxer's physique. Not uncommon to find her with scrapes, scuffs, or bandages on her face. Keeps compression bandages on her hands and feet when not training. Mostly wears a lot of sleeveless, tight-fitting turtleneck shirts. Also enjoys wearing a lot of denim. Has her ears pierced, but mostly wears stud earrings; doesn't like anything that can dangle and get caught during a fight.

Has one thick tress of hair she keeps long to braid on one side, but otherwise keeps the rest cropped short. The ombre is natural. Hair color is the same as feral form's fur color (including the cream accents that it fades into). Of mixed heritage, has both Icelandic and East Asian features. Slightly tan skin, has a mole under her right eye much like she has two spots beneath the same eye in her feral form.

Suffers from Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome; entirely sterile as a result. She's unaware of the fact she has this condition, but has her suspicions about it. Doesn't seem heavily affected by this, but part of it can be seen in her lack of body hair and taller stature as a human as she stands around 178 cm (or 5'10).


Yasu is a defensive fighter with little reason to be anything else. She possesses increased strength/endurance, portaling abilities, accelerated healing, minor shapeshifting abilities, and a long (but not immortal) lifespan given to her as a Demigod. Unaware of the full extent of her own supernatural abilities, still learning her limits and testing what she can do. Not in absolute control of all her power yet, nor does she seem to know how to tap into some abilities consistently though certainly not for lack of trying. Commonly only wants to use her strength to protect others who can't protect themselves but will occasionally engage in non-hostile spars to test her mettle. Does like to scrap now and again but within the strict limits of her moral code. Requires honor on both sides of a fight, or won't accept the invitation to do so. Refuses to engage in meaningless violence.

In feral form, will throw her considerable weight around to deal blunt force damage. Uses her intimidating antlers to block, shove, and drive an opponent back, or bring her heavy hooves down onto smaller enemies. Doesn't care to deal hits that bleed most of the time. Relies on her strong build to withstand incoming hits and deal them in return with just as much force. Her body is far sturdier than it looks, and she has a high pain threshold. Though she is not the biggest in the Endless, she can hold her own against those of about any size. Notably has trouble with speedier and more dextrous opponents. While she is granted higher than average speed, she's made for tanking hits, so often has trouble keeping up with high-speed chases. As a human, many of these same rules apply with regards to taking hits and dealing them back with twice the strength, instead uses her limbs and muscular core to block such blows. A protected, armored fighter who stands her ground instead of running. Hardened. Proficient as a result of her training. Not to be underestimated, but not an expert by any means.

Her powers are used mostly as a last resort, and in friendly fights, she will always hold back. However, if the brawl is serious, she will break her restraint depending on the nature of the fight and the opponent(s) within it. Her powers may be considered mildly Divine, and somewhat useful against dark or demonic entities. Magic affects her, but so-called dark magics have a hard time working against her. Unafraid to unleash the full spectrum of her abilities against those she believes deserve it at the moment. Though she keeps a cool head during combat, there are rare times where her emotions can get the better of her if she isn't careful. When emotionally compromised, it's not uncommon for her powers to become stronger, if not harder for her to control in the heat of the moment.


  • An insomniac; she has a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Considers herself friends with the various pagan idols around the Endless, like those in front the Ruins and the Weeping One.
  • Drawn to singing, or humming; she won't sing but she enjoys the sound. May hum from time to time with trusted individuals.
  • Due to her body composition, she sinks like a stone in water and cannot swim.
  • Primarily haunts a few spots in the Endless like the poppies in front of the Ruins, the mud at the shore of the pond, the Weeping Idol. Can sometimes be found beneath a rock at the Playground if she's sulking.
  • Loves chocolate in any form she can get it, otherwise not a huge sweet tooth.
  • Carries the scent of wet earth, cold air, and dead leaves; easily covered by the scents of others she makes prolonged contact with.
  • Besides bones or minerals, also enjoys collecting small taxidermy pieces like rabbits' feet or bird legs.
  • Knowledgeable with how to clean bones and keeps a personal colony of dermestid beetles to take care of the dirty work for her.