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Basic Info


nonbinary (they/he), gay



Vylrussiol, also known as Vyl, is a bronze dragon and sole heir to the Elvenlurk territory. Despite their family's political weight, Vyl spends most of their time in human disguise as Valor Stormcrosser. Lifelong friends with Elahranon, who they have been engaged to since they were both hatchlings, Vyl relies on her to cover for their near-constant absence from dragon society. Among dragons, he tends to be withdrawn and cold, as he is usually under his mother's scrutiny, but among Elahranon, Seaben, and others he trusts, he's able to show how much he truly cares.

He enjoys the sea, either from the shore, the sky above, or aboard the ships that frequently cross it; the landlocked Elvenlurk territory has never truly felt like home.

In Bronze and Pirate Gold, they are 18 through 29.


  • Dragon Form

In their true form, Vyl is approximately 14'5" (at age 29), though much longer and able to carry multiple humanoid passengers with ease. They are bronze-scaled with large, dark green stripes, and their belly scales are a dark green as well. Their wings and fins are brown at the base that fades to green, and their wings are striped horizontally along the edge. Their eyes are a warm brown. They have two crest horns, six jawline horns, and four cheek horns, and (after they turn 21) the two chin spikes that denote their age; all of their horns are dark brown, and the left crest horn is missing the last third, broken off in a childhood scuffle.

  • Humanoid Form

In humanoid form, Vyl goes by the name Valor Stormcrosser, which while an unusual name is more common-sounding than Vylrussiol. Their humanoid form is human, 6’2" (at age 29) and of average build. They are brown-skinned, and their upper arms are tattooed with a wide band of large, fish-scale patterns on each. They have a compass tattooed over their heart, which matches Seaben's in the same location. Their hair is black, long, and usually worn in small braids. Their left ear has a nick in the tip, carrying over from their broken horn in dragon form.

They prefer loose-fitting, well-worn clothes, usually in earthy or neutral tones; they have a dark green robe with a golden fish-scale pattern that they usually wear when at home. They don't care much for expensive jewelry, but like woven bracelets; one of their favourites is braided black and brown and has one of their own bronze scales as the decoration.

Evan convinced me a lack of facial hair gives them a permanent baby face, so I’ve conceded that from about 25 onward he probably has a bit of stubble most of the time. He gets reading glasses at 29.

I’m still nailing down the little details of Valor’s appearance. Work in progress.