Aurelio Claudius (Boss) (Aurelio's Closet)



Aurelio's Closet
Physical Information

Height 191 cm / 6'3
Weight 230 lbs
Body Type Buff
Style Preference

Key Items
Gold chains Coats Layers!!
  • Dark/muted colors, black & white
  • Suits
  • Layers of warm clothing
  • Houndstooth patterns
  • Gold metal tones
  • Loose-fitting clothes
  • Revealing clothes
  • Tight-fitting clothes
  • Pastels
  • Vests
Favorite colors


  • His closet is full of pretty much just different types of suits. Maybe sweaters and lighter clothes for hot weather, if he feels daring.
  • He's the kind of guy to simmer in a 3 piece suit in super hot weather due to needing to cover his insecurities.
  • He also gets designer suits-- not because of the name brand, but because they're usually as tacky and awful as his general fashion sense is. Valentine helps him look more presentable.