Aurelio Claudius (Boss) (Design Notes)




This is a page dedicated for design notes for commissions, art, etc!

Aurelio's main page:

Aurelio's closet tab; for clothing likes/dislikes, outfits, etc:

The important stuff:

  • He's male, and 39 years old. He's from Brazil.
  • He has a buff/muscular build. He's also 191cm tall (6'3).
  • He has dark skin. Please don't make him lighter. I include color palette references in his images, feel free to color-pick off of anything.
  • He has a large scar on his left jaw, the skin there should be pink. (It's hypertrophic)
  • He has slight signs of aging, the most important being dark circles under his eyes.
  • He has dark brown hair with pink undertones. (Not black! Just very dark.)
  • He rarely smiles. His default face is a bit peeved and gloomy looking. He's bad with expressing emotions and it can come out awkward.
  • His suit jacket has a houndstooth pattern, and is drawn pointing to the upper left. Please use the one I have in his gallery!

CSP brushes/assets: Chains / Houndstooth pattern

  • When asking for a commission, please draw him in his full outfit (with the fluffy coat) unless I specify otherwise.
  • His black gloves are mandatory when in his normal outfit. Outside of that, it's still highly preferred that he wears them.
  • Outside of his normal outfits, black and white are good color choices for clothes. Vibrant colors are ok, but I don't think he'd look too good in pastels. He has a closet tab with clothing choices here!
  • The ring in his reference images is optional.
  • He has a "tareme" upturned eye with more prominent lower eyelashes, the opposite of Valentine.
  • As for R18 art... He has an F-List page here (18+ only) 👉👈

  • Aurelio is generally emotionless on the outside. All of his feelings are kept inside. He's... Very depressed.
  • If he opens up or changes expressions, it's usually around Valentine (most often) and Camilo (sometimes). He considers them his closest friends.
  • He's 39, but he acts and feels older than he actually is. He's the resident father figure, traditional in "masculine" values and patient.
  • His "gap moé" is his love for dogs and being good with children.
  • Valentine has intense romantic feelings for him, which he (seemingly) doesn't reciprocate.

Below are his reference images. Please see his full image gallery [HERE] for more art of him!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



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キャラクター名 「オーレリオ・クラウディウス / AURELIO CLAUDIUS」・・・ ニックネーム: ボス


  • 男性で、39歳。ブラジル出身。彼は今アメリカに住んでいます。
  • 筋肉質な体型をしている。身長191cm。
  • 肌が黒いので、明るくしないでください。彼のカラーパレットを使うことができます。
  • 右あごに大きな傷跡があります。ピンクです。
  • 疲れからか、目の下にクマがある。老化が始まっている。
  • 髪の色は黒ではなく、ダークブラウン。
  • スーツの上着は千鳥格子柄。このパターンでお願いします。
  • スーツ姿に黒の手袋は必須です。それ以外の服装では、やはり手袋が好ましい。
  • 乳首にピアスをしている。
  • ウエディングリングはオプションです。
  • R18アートはOK。まずはお問い合わせください。

CSP 刷毛: 鎖 / 千鳥格子

  • 見た目は意地悪そうだけど、実はいい人なんです。血液型はO型の性格です。
  • 笑わないし、陰気な性格。感情を表現するのが苦手なんです。彼は少し社会不適合者です。
  • 39歳だが、自分より年上に感じる。父親的存在で、伝統的に男性的で、忍耐強い。
  • ギャップ萌え:犬と子供が大好きなんです。
  • バレンタインは、彼にロマンチックなこだわりを持っている。彼は(一見)それに応えてくれない。