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[used as a Sona sometimes :3]

Nicknames: Pawpaw(by Klaus and Daoko), Master(by students), Lord Journey(by mamorigami), Chef (In restaurant) Jojo, Joseph, Joey (by Feng ) Dream Kami (informal if used by others)

Species: Kami

Form: Imperial Ursus Tsuchigumos

Alias: Victus Somnium

Deadname: Jo'shin (Name given to him by his care is best to not mention it.)

Birthday: November 28

Gender: Male

Age: 160 yrs. old

Appearance: 35 yrs. old

Height/Weight: True: 12'11"/6,954 lbs. | Human: 6'5''/ 250 lbs.

Physique: True: Obese/Muscular | Human: a bit chubby but tough build!

Home: Mizundai, Serene Hollow 

Restaurant location: Okoyoti, Mizundai

Restaurant location 2: Siniro Island, Coruscade City


Journey is a very loyal soul, he is kind, humble and forgiving. Due to how he was raised he picked up a lot of what you would call bad habits that being drinking but in turn he is always jolly. And smoking but in turn made him a bit of a jokester to younger folk! Journey now is from a long line of other predecessors, a bit of them is inside him. His other predecessors arnt something you would say....kind and humble like the Journey you know- one was a fascinating brewer and wrote incredible stories but he was a great liar- Another was absolutely gorgeous and had the most sweetest voice but she was a prostitute- I guess that's what you could say...balance?


✦ Cooking ("Bringing people together is what I love doing~ So I opened a restaurant and let me just tell you, pleasing people can be difficult sometime...")

✦ Meditation ("...Meditate on this. Your whole life by the way~") 

✦ Family ("Family! Friends! Home! These are what matter most~ And don't worry food is also another important virtue.")

✦ Birds ("The less we speak the more we hear. They also taste delicious that is when I was younger~")

✦ Fish ("Give a man a fish and he is fed for a day, Teach a man to fish and he is fed for a lifetime.")

✦ Music ("What's better to sooth a mind with a good tune~? I have a couple thousand favorite's~")

✦ Electric Guitar ("Despite me being all burn and flames, I can bring on the thunder!")


✦ Eating Humans ("When I was younger I loved the taste of human flesh but- I got sick of it and started to explore the wonderful cuisine you humans have to offer! Quite the step up, I might say~")

✦ Overcooked Dishes ("Why is my Halibut rubbery? Not being super critical or anything but this taste like Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Next time do make sure you keep it in the heat for a little less time~")

✦ Fighting ("There is always a way around it so make this decision the last resort buuut when I do come down to it...Its always so much fun! I sometimes get ahead of myself~")

✦ Drowning ("I am not very fond of the deep sea...yes I understand I am great and powerful but that- that is what I don't like-")

Voiceclaim: Long Long from Dragalia lost, Scott McNeil and Chō (Both very fitting for Journey and his personality!)

(Scott McNeil) English:

(Chō) Japanese: