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Name Kazu'ran / Covenant
Pronouns he/him/his
Age 34
Gender Male
Race Darkspear Troll
Class Warlock
Alignment Neutral Good
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A fluffy, tailed troll that tries to do his best, but unfortunately often fails.


  • his friends
  • herbalism
  • making potions
  • sketching plants


  • ice trolls
  • being made fun of
  • warlock stigma
  • mueh'zala


While Kazu'ran was born to two very well-meaning jungle troll parents, he was mostly raised by his friends and the general population of Orgrimmar.. which, naturally, led the troll to become a warlock thanks to the wonders of peer pressure and the desire for peer acceptance. When he failed to acquire it, and was unable to return home in fear of disappointing his ma'da and fa'da, he resorted to living independently. He spent a long while doing tasks for whatever he could get for the sake of trying to embrace said independence, whether it be gold, food, housing, or particularly enticing clothing options.

Eventually, this resulted in him being roped along to join the Horde forces as they made their mark in Zandalar.. at which point he felt compelled to get more in touch with his roots-- specifically, the following and worship of loa, specifically Bwonsamdi. Some time later he found himself in front of the loa himself and, naturally, made the foolish error of making a deal with him; his eternal servitude in exchange for a life that was a bit more stable. Collecting souls for his loa, thankfully, was not at all an issue for him-- so he was more than happy to agree to the conditions in exchange for having a home in the temple.

After saving up money and suffering several traumatic experiences in a short amount of time, he purchased a home out in Pandaria near Dawn's Blossom, and lives there full-time now.

Appearance and Personality

Kazu is a bit on the lithe side and stands at about 7'9"-- when he bothers to stand up straight, that is. (Which, of course, isn't often.) He's not very physically strong nor heavy, and thus is very easy to pick up. Like most jungle trolls, his body is covered in a fine, thin fur. The fur is a little thicker around his shoulders, his jaw, the back of his neck, the bases of his ears, and a few other places. His long hair is a dark teal, and he keeps it in braids, usually tucked within his hood and robes.

His ears are especially long and very expressive, prone to twitching or drooping in accordance with his emotions; they can be 'read' in lieu of his actual face due to the mask and hood he wears. They're also very sensitive, and he may or may not have a weakness for having his ears rubbed by people he trusts.

He's normally very kind, or at least tries to be. He is incredibly wary around ice trolls due to being bullied by a particular trio of them, and would sooner turn tail and run instead of confront one. The warlock is very skittish at times, and shies away in group conversations despite willingly stepping into public events. He gets anxious easily, and often fails to provide anything relevant to conversation as a result. Alone, however, he can talk rather openly depending on how friendly he is with the other person.

Fel Magic Usage

He has several demons at his disposal, but he favors his voidwalker.. who does not favor him in the slightest, at least not outwardly. The voidlord speaks to him and him alone, and simply refers to Kazu'ran as "Covenant", despite Kazu'ran's attempts at getting him to actually call him by his name.

As for his other demons, he has an imp, a felhunter, and a succubus at his disposal. The imp and felhunter are only brought out when necessary during fights. He has only ever called on the succubus once; he feared that he might fall victim to her despite there being no indication that she would try to harm him, and has been too scared to summon her since. Due to a recent incident with another warlock's succubus, this fear is unlikely to fade anytime soon. He tries to treat his demons like friends rather than servants, though he's well aware he's a fool for trying to do so. Other warlocks that are more serious about their demon servants unsettle him a little bit.



Bwonsamdi - His primary loa. He doesn't visit the temple as often anymore, but he does go to the Other Side to help now and then thanks to his newfound access to Ardenweald.

Romantic Partners

Ja'vyn - Went on a literal blind date with him once, and they've been close friends ever since. They almost didn't become mates.. until Kazu finally got the courage to ask.

Jitak - Admittedly, he doesn't know as much about the monk as he'd like to.. but he does love him dearly.

Finak'dor - The mother of his child. He briefly thought they had left him-- but it turned out to be a mistake on their part.


Za'kal, Va'ki, and Ra'tika - He knows these Zandalari through Fin. They do each other favors from time to time.

Lu'dan - His oldest friend. The only ice troll he trusts with his life.

Arkara Redsnarl - They got off on the wrong foot at the start, but now he sees the Blackrock orc as a dear friend and always looks forward to seeing her and her daughter at Story Circle.

Bekrash Blazefist - Friends, though Kazu can't remember how they met. He would sooner die than never get to try Bekrash's cooking again.

Farabu - Not gonna lie-- he's a little spooked by the troll-disguised void denizen. But he loves his cooking, and loves his company. And.. maybe the shenanigans, too.

Colin Grauenvoll - He thinks Colin's funny, and enjoys talking to him on the rare chance they see each other.

Severin Dolle - Definitely didn't like him when they first met, but now he thinks of him as a good friend.

Torhas - Absolutely thinks of him as a father figure.

Irielle Firine - His favorite bartender. Would take a bullet for her.

Raljiri - One of the few vulpera that he knows. Trusts him with his life, and his tailoring issues.

Archibald Froida - ARCHIIIIIIE. His favorite vampyr.

Raz'na - Very kind and sweet bear-troll. An honorary member of the tribe.

Baxter - Loves this pink fuzzy man so much.

Kyr'fon - Would sell him to Bwonsamdi for one corn chip.


Pekua - Spooky. But nice? Usually?

Ms. Loira Winford - He knows her, but he doesn't know her. Still a little spooked.

Khonsi Wolfseer - Even if he saw him every week for a year, he's not entirely sure if him and Khonsi are really friends or not. Never actually gets to talk to him outside of Story Circle.

Grum'thak - He doesn't know him as well as he knows Arkara, but he's got no problems with him.

Lokirtal - Ice trolls are hard for him to trust. But he thinks this one is okay.

Zujia and Vox - He's yet to see the two separately. He's happy that they come to Story Circle, even if he doesn't talk to them much.

Sorrel Silverblade - 10/10, would eat the leaves off bushes around the Stormwind outskirts with again.

Yaroslava Kazakova - Not sure what to think of her, but he doesn't mind hanging around her.

Faygia Taggin - Pleasant to talk to. A little worried for her.

Tevruden Dawnspear - What the fuck, that's a dragon.

Denereth Hastings - Ex-girlfriend. They had a rocky breakup, but have since spoken to each other to mend the bridge a little bit.

Pah'kota - On-again off-again friends. Get a little heated at each other now and then.

Fiona Tarwood - Usually only sees her at events. Respects her greatly.

Jarisold Acridwell - Holding a minor grudge for the shit that happened before and after the AMA cage fight with Loira.

"Hoë" Crimsongrain - Met him at the Squeaky Wheel. Just a little unsettled about him, but he does seem nice..


Eyrienne Autumnwood - She made fun of him and laughed at him, which is grounds for disliking, in his opinion.

"Judindo" Zen'jul - Probably the only person he completely hates. The feeling is probably mutual.


Startusk Tribe - His 'tribe'. Made up of his mates and those they trust. He runs an apothecary with the tribe's name on it.

Shadowtusk Clan - He doesn't trust them. Zagai went in with them and disappeared some time after 'leaving'. Zujia and Vox were also a part of it, and aren't now.. so he can only assume that the clan is bad news.

Darkmoon's Finest - SO COOL. He rarely gets to see their shows, but he hears so much about them.

The Wolfmane Tribe - Hosts Story Circle. He doesn't know much past that, admittedly, but they all seem like nice folks.

Fence Macabre - Very cool. Likes seeing them at vendor events.

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