Zero Suiden



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Name Zero
Pronouns he/him
Gender Male
Orientation N/A
Age N/A (looks about 18)
Birthday N/A
Species Android
Status Active

Height 5'10"
Race N/A
Build Slim
Weight ???lbs
Creation Date 11/15/2014
Leitmotif ???
Voiceclaim Kirito from SAO

  • Hacking into machinery
  • Gaming
  • Tasteful fashion trends
  • Having fun

  • Maria Fuwa
  • The smell of rotten flesh
  • The authorities
  • Silence

A mysterious android who aimlessly wanders around.
He is a brooding, yet cunning individual who despite his seemingly evil traits, is actually "good-natured" and has a stupid sense of humour on the inside.

He believes that having fun is simply causing chaos, which he takes pleasure in. This has caused many problems for people, but on top of that, he is a dangerous person who is a force to be reckoned with.

There were safety protocols set within Zero's programming that served as a means to prevent him from wreaking havoc that is deemed threatening. A breach in the protocol would result in Zero temporarily shutting down.
Unfortunately, Maria hardcoding a hacking feature into Zero (by pure accident) meant that he was able to bypass and disable such protocols easily, and permanently.


Zero's most dangerous ability is to hack into programs, machines, and robots. When he does that, he can control them to do whatever he pleases, such as spreading chaos like he does. This was an ability Maria coded into his programming and was supposed to be disabled or even removed before he was activated.

He possesses superhuman strength and reflexes as well. Also possesses an advanced android frame that allows him to function like a normal human being.


Zero is an android whose consciousness is essentially a copy of Mario Fuwa, originally rendered as a blank slate before Zero developed his own personality. He was created by Maria Fuwa as attempt to see if consciousnesses were able to operate machines at will, and was considered a success. Unfortunately, a hacking feature was added into his programming that was deemed irreversible, but protocols were set in place to monitor his behaviour. Said protocols have been permanently disabled.

He doesn't have a place to live. He just wanders around aimlessly, but he likes hanging around with the Twin Qilin.


  • Zero despises the protocols that were set upon him because he finds them too limiting.
  • Wishes he had a pet cat. The cats don't like him.
  • Steamed pork buns are his favourite food.

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