Leonardo Pardalis



2 years, 1 month ago


The single child of wealthy, workaholic parents, he was left to his own devices from a young age, able to dive into the internet's vast wealth of information to broaden his horizons and build his tastes in many ways, some of them more appropriate for his age than others. He built up extensive general knowledge, the know-how for others to consider him 'handy', and eclectic, at times obscure tastes in music and film, as well as a snobby attitude toward anything but the best ways to enjoy it.

He chose to interact less with his school peers, and more with the upper-middle-class white-collar workers at various offices he scored undemanding internships at. Appealing to them with an eagerness to please and youthful energy, and left untouchable because of his father's connections, he coasted along until college, his first real challenge both in academic and social terms.

Lacking the social skills to get along with other young adults, his sexual awakening focused on the employees he'd already made his acquaintance, who knew him as a harmless kid and were willing to entertain his approaches. This was helped along by a slim body, an apartment of his own to take them to, and an energy that made up for his lack of sexual experience.

Now he's getting further into college life, he's taken a focus toward building relationships with his fellow classmates, and the growing pains he should've gone through during high-school become very apparent. He's drawn to strong personalities and interests he hasn't had any contact with (besides light reading online) and is eager to help others explore them.

Pardalis is an older OC than Emille, but one that's been sort of left aside for the longest time.