World Eater



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Corrupted Deity l Ageless l Looks like a starving 35 l They/Them l Homeless

"Stop asking when I want to eat. I always want to eat."










Oblivious Love making lewd jokes? Talking about current events? Or maybe you like pointing
things out when you drive? Get ready to receive a glazed-over, politely befuddled
expression from this lazy god. 
Spaced-Out Miles away? More like lightyears. They spend most of their time maladaptive daydreaming...
or maybe just thinking about nothing at all. Who can tell?
 IndifferentPretty obvious at this point, but they don't give a flying fuck about your shitty coworker,
okay becky? That being said, they'll become responsive to some things, of course,
but never with the urgency you expect. So don't, you know, have a life threatening
situation around them if you expect swift help....
LethargicMuch like the sloth, they spend most of their time napping.
DramaticThis might not make much sense, but if it's for the right reason ( to them ), they'll freak the fuck oout. 




Eatin StuffThey're like that kid from highschool who'll eat anything for a dollar. 
Telling Long Stories That Go NowhereWanna know the secrets of the universe? Too bad. Here's a story about
the time they stared at a distant sun for 50 million years 
 Always chilly They don't project cold or anything. They're just chilly. Their mortal bod
doesn't retain fat or heat at all, and it's a serious problem.
On the bright side they can use their ice cold feet to wake people up in
the worst way possible. So there's that.





Zaahir, the arid god
Symbiotic. They use his warmth all the time


She takes them on midnight snack runs, to fastfood joints, and their fave, to 7/11.
They kinda adore her.







-Corrupted Creator God, bound by anxious cultists in a violently pink bedroom. Spends their time eating, trying to remember what they've lost/ forgot about previous self.

-extremely pale, absurdly long hair, gently pointed ears, yellow-green eyes, mostly bones wrapped in skin. gets mistaken for a vampire...somehow more in modern day than in medieval times? this confuses them.

-Zaahir spent like a month trying to find the perfect mortal name for them. They were disinterested beyond belief. He tentatively decided on Florence Carson,; to which they said it sounded like a cliché superhero name.


so I have a sketch idea I wanna do everntually where they get onto a game show and win a microwave....and then freak the fuck out with absolute delight. In the face of their joy, the floor rips apart, part of the ceiling caves, and it starts to feel like the air itself is being sucked away. They are banned for life from the studio. and they eat the microwave. 

After the cultists "dispersed", no one else has been a follower of WE. An alternate storyline could be ppl trying to follow them but greatly distorting their portfolio, corrupting WE(even more) into a being of the void. Into chaos or generic evil. Zaahir and friends would have to stop that shit.

Interaction of Heroes and Gods. Because WE is corrupted there would have been a prophecy about a hero rising to stop them from consuming the planet. A teenager does arise....only to find out the best way to stop WE is to just....feed them. Like the guy brings over fast food left overs from his job a couple times a week. Only zaahir understands this arrangement. Everyone else is super befuddled