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Closed Species: Leolops

A friendly, somewhat magical species. Notable traits include huge plush ears, lots of fluffy hair, and a long lion-like tail carrying a small trinket, with a massive puff at the end that has a swirl.

This page contains unhomed Leolops. For more information about the species themselves, check out the following links!

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Tentatively up for trade for the right offer, but for now, just hoarding them somewhere useful. There is no base, I do not want to mass market these at this time, and designs are markings & clothes, so understand that I am loathe to release them for a lowball/unsure offer. MYOs will never be available.


  • Opera $100Flat with Marking Ref Available
    • A regal Leolop who is passionate about singing. She's adept at lyric-based magic. She has music charms hanging at the end of her tail.
  • Halloween Witch $100
    • A cheery Leolop who took her pumpkin-like markings and turned herself into a great witch who loves Halloween. She's pinned a small skull badge to the fluff of her tail, but it frequently gets lost.
  • Nier $65
    • A quiet Leolop with a lot of magic power. Their markings seem to pull light from their heart. They have a small gold coin hanging from the base of their tail.
  • Rawr $60
    • An adamant Leolop who likes fighting for what's right. She's passionate about video games and wants to be a heroine; her item is a dangling star charm with wings.
  • Bubblegum Tea $50
    • A peppy Leolop who's really into old-time music. She's put a red ribbon on her tail, but it's also a common motif in most of her fashion.
  • Depressions $50
    • A Leolop who eternally looks lost in life, he's still not found his passion. He has no item on his tail.
  • Shooting Star $50
    • A Leolop who loves helping others; he acts like the protagonist of a story. His item is a small ring with a star on it.
  • Raspberry Magical Girl $85
    • A passionate Leolop who really loves fashion. She decorates not only her tail with roses, but also her hair, ears, and clothes.
  • Clover Knight $65 No-Armor Available
    • A lucky Leolop who is set on protecting the things he cares for most. He has a charm with a small clover sealed in it at the base of his tail.
  • Egg Bribe
    • A timid Leolop who looks edible. While she's a chipper morning person, she tuckers out by evening. Her item is a ribbon that resembles bacon.


  • Do not claim this artwork as your own. Do not edit the original art beyond placing a safety watermark.
  • Do not use my original art for profit in any way.
  • Contact me before doing any edits outside of outfit changes and hairstyle. Color and marking edits must be approved. No tail item swapping.
    • If new rarities are introduced to the species, you may not add freely add rare traits nor mutations/hybridizations to a design.
    • You may contact me if you intend to species swap. It will no longer be a Leolop and can never return to that status / form.
  • Link back to me ([email protected] toyhou.se / deviantart /tumblr, or Capsaicinoid on furaffinity) on the first post you make with the character. Anything after is up to you.
  • Do not resell the design for more than you paid, without additional artwork and with the artist's permissions, and only up to the value in which you spent on it. If it was obtained in a trade, only give it away or trade it away. Do not resell traded adopts for cash or vouchers.
  • Please contact me when trading or reselling. I intend to keep all ownership updated.
  • Please hold onto your CS designs for at least a month before re-homing.
  • Closed species may only be for personal use. Do not feature them on prints or other (massed produced) swag, meant for profit. Personal-use prints, charms, buttons, plushes, etc are all fine. No Profit!
Ivory by Nekobako
Paschalis by Goldy

Current Ownership

  • Pepperly : Ivory, Lark, Paschalis, Perpsona, (Nameless), (Nameless), Revana
  • nekobako : Aristotle
Aristotle and Paschalis by Pepperly