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He fancies himself a tragic hero,
but he can't escape being the villain.



Devora (Lust)






November 14 (Scorpio)






Kakihara Tetsuya


It's complicated

The flowers on his headdress and shoulder are camellias. His hat is actually flat and functions as more of a headdress. In general, Aeneas shouldn’t be depicted as too feminine or masculine as he’s kind of in the middle/more androgynous. Aeneas is able to take on a child form at will, but usually is in his adult form and appears to be in his early to mid-20’s.

Aeneas is slender and lean, but not particularly muscular due to his distaste for bodybuilding. His Devora mark is right on his breastbone between his two collarbones. He often wears red eyeshadow/rouge. His hair, ears, and tail are the same color.

Aeneas is a Devora embodying the deadly sin of Lust.


  • Vulgar/crass
  • Low-class and somewhat ignorant
  • Vain
  • Condescending
  • Sensual
  • Capricious
  • Likes beautiful things
  • Has a sadistic streak

In one word, Aeneas is a rakehell. He is hedonistic and impulsive, tending to go wherever his pitch-black heart leads him. He also has something of a sadistic streak. One of his favorite pastimes is leading people on and bestowing great pleasure and happiness upon them—only to sink them into utter despair afterward. Consuming a human's soul once they've reached that breaking point is his favorite way to feast.

The reason Aeneas dresses in a more feminine manner is because this usually causes people to let their guard down around him. He is very good at feigning delicacy and frailty to lure people in. He also enjoys the intricacy of women's clothes. Aeneas has a great eye for beautiful things. As such, his clothes are always of the finest quality. He often uses perfume with the scent of freesias or jasmine. He has a light, gentle way of speaking but the things he says can often be blunt or disturbing. Usually, this contrast between his beautiful looks and his filthy mouth just makes him seem more attractive. It generally does not take him long to win people over to the point where they'd do anything he tells them. As much as he loves beautiful things, he enjoys the act of defiling their beauty even more. The purer the person, the more Aeneas desires to corrupt them and twist them until they're completely broken.

Given that Aeneas embodies the deadly sin of lust, it follows that having sex is one of his favorite things to do. However, over the years he's developed a very picky taste and so won't allow just anyone to be his partner anymore. His sex drive hasn't actually decreased any, but he thinks of it as a way to practice delayed gratification. The longer he bides his time, the more delectable the experiences that follow. Of course, he is more than happy to make exceptions for his fellow Devoras if they're known to be a good time. Occasionally, he makes pacts with humans in order to more lawfully consume their souls, but he only does so with beautiful people. 85% of the time, Aeneas tricks humans and steals their souls instead. He generally avoids Venias whenever possible because their self-righteousness annoys him.

Despite how whimsical he is, however, he has a stubborn and tenacious side to him, as well. Once Aeneas decides that he wants something, he will not rest until it becomes his. In that way, he can be quite devoted, but only to a minuscule set of people and things. He gets annoyed and petulant like a child when things don't go according to his plans since he's grown used to having his way. In many ways, he’s quite immature since his childhood was taken from him and he still has a lot of growing up to do. He didn't receive much in the way of education and had to figure out his powers for himself, so he can come off as ignorant at times.

When he's not off hunting, he likes to paint, write poetry, and tend to his flower garden. He is prone to random bursts of anger, however, during which he will destroy his garden and/or tear up all of his art/writing. Once the mood has passed, he will simply start over without mourning for what was lost.


  • the ability to change between child and adult forms at will
  • the ability to devour souls via his Devora mark (his sclera turns black while feeding)
  • the ability to sense people's lust; he's not a mind-reader, however
  • expert skills at dodging and running away
  • his power/dexterity stat in an RPG would be 1; he generally has Bakar fight for him


After he was first "born" as a Devora, before Nyx could find him he was picked up by a woman named Helen. She is the one who named him "Aeneas" because she felt that his ethereal beauty had to have been passed down from the Goddess of Love herself. Once Aeneas was able to make sense of his surroundings, he tried to flee on instinct and that's when Helen locked him up. She kept him in a giant golden cage, luring lustful men into her home to give to Aeneas to consume. She would also force herself on Aeneas when he was particularly weak or hungry, too much so to resist. At the time, he wasn't aware of what he was and she convinced him that because he was descended from the Goddess of Love, he had to have sex periodically or die. Eventually, Aeneas gave up fighting her.

Decades passed. Helen grew older and weaker while Aeneas grew stronger. Aeneas finally saw that he had a chance to escape, but it took him years to work up the nerve to do it. In the end, he cut off Helena's hands and killed her, declining to take her soul because he couldn't bear the thought of eating such an ugly thing. She remains the only person that he has actually killed without devouring. Shortly after he escaped, he came across Kalidasa who very nearly killed him. However, Aeneas desperately cried out that he hadn't lived enough to die yet. Kali relented and brought Aeneas to Nyx, the so-called father of Devoras, for education and training.

In the present day, Aeneas is proud and feigns elegance. He is deeply ashamed of his origin story and hides it behind fancy clothes and rouge. At some point, he became friends (though he'd never admit it) with Bakar, who acts as his bodyguard. He also had an extended romantic relationship with the Sun Venia Fei Yen which eventually and messily ended. She has moved on, but he hasn't yet really. Orion is out to kill him, but then again Orion is out to kill a lot of people.