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If you have a SB kiddo you would like to link to Papa (in Sonas folder) then please comment and wait for my response before linking you oc(s)! If you don’t ask beforehand I won’t accept the links. I only require you ask to link the first time, afterwords I don’t really mind ^^ 

Don’t be afraid to offer on my kiddos! I’m always up for a trade or even just look at trade offers for future reference. If you want to be pinged when an oc goes up for offer just comment (nicely!) and I’ll be sure to remember ^^

Don’t steal, trace, reference, or try to scam people using my ocs or accounts! I always heavily watermark my ocs for this reason! If I catch you, and trust me I will cause I’m on every platform, every day, most of the day, and I will report you or worse! This crap pisses me off and I have no problem with confronting you!

Anyone who breaks these rules will be Blacklisted from my accounts!

Blacklisted people:

- This person (on toyhouse: Their Newest ToyHouse (old was trashvix)[Rule 3]

- This Person&Their Amino(ToyHouse & Amino) [Rule 3]

- This person [Rule 4]

- GhostCadett

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