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An OC based off of the Aka Beko (赤べこ) of Fukushima prefecture's Aizu region! 

Akatarou is docile, but incredibly stubborn when he needs to be; he has been known to refuse to leave shrine and temple areas in villages that are experiencing an outbreak of illness, until he is allowed into the homes of the sick to help cure them or ease their suffering. The contents of the gourd he carries with him change based on the need of the person drinking from it; some people view Akatarou poorly due to his carrying it and his somewhat lackadaisical mannerisms, believing him to be a drunken wanderer. However, the gourd’s base state is usually just water.

Akatarou has no qualms against people rubbing his ears or forehead, as rumors have spread that these areas hold healing properties, and those who touch them will be safe from all illness and infection. However, whenever village children mess with his tail, he loses a fraction of his docile demeanor and feels the urge to run away.

He enjoys staying in meadows and thickly forested areas, especially ones with plentiful herbs that he can use to create medicines; he especially loves mossy tree trunks, as they are a comfy place to lean and rest.