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Basic Info

Gender Identity



4'6"(54 inches/ 137 cm)




About Kris:

Kris is a little hybrid with a sharp mind and very serious personality. Due to his short stature and androgynous appearance he grew up treated like everyone's kid brother or, worse in his eyes, their little sister, someone who needed to be nurtured and looked after. Desperate to prove himself he threw himself at his studies to show that he was equal to or better than any of his classmates and excel he did. While this did earn him the respect and admiration(or outright jealousy) of his peers it also resulted in him skipping grades which only exacerbated his issues of being seen as a kid. What little time he spent with his nose not in a book was instead spent listening to classical music or playing his violin. Feeling isolated from his classmates he learned to be very self reliant and started actively shutting out friendships while pursuing recognition for his academics leaving him with a reputation as a cold person. 

Thankfully for Kris things changed once he went away for college. There he found a group of housemates who couldn't care less how old he was or what he was accomplishing academically but instead cared for him as a person. The realization that his grades weren't all that important for adulthood was a hard pill to swallow but he has since started to come out of his shell. He can still be a bit cold and standoffish with new people, especially when he feels he isn't being taken seriously, but he has started to care much more for those around him. In addition he started to broaden his horizons outside his studies and ended up joining various clubs and hobby groups to learn more about what he was interested in. During this time he learned he had a knack for cooking and, while he didn't take to it as easily as cooking, he found sewing to be immensely satisfying. Through the latter of these hobbies, and thanks to his boyfriend Micah's modeling career, he's also started taking an interest in fashion although he is far less comfortable talking about that openly than his other hobbies.

  • Classical Music, and the violin especially
  • Reading, especially mystery novels
  • Cooking
  • Sewing & somewhat secretly fashion design
  • New people and unfamiliar situations
  • Not being taken seriously or being treated like a child
  • Being called cute