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Age Mid 20's
Gender Masc
Pronouns He/Him
Sexuality Bi
Status Single
ML # 1366


driven intelligent thoughtful ambitious passionate overthinker

June seems relatively passive until you see the hunger burning in his eyes. He, along with his closest companions Mang & Gloss, dreams of becoming a renowned rapper. Music is in June's veins, and his love of the craft propels him forward even when times are tough. June is incredibly introspective, constantly examining himself in an attempt to be the best person he possibly can. He believes in authenticity to its fullest extent, which is often shown in how his lyrics put his heart on display. However, he's also not afraid to be cutting with his words, his raps ranging from brutally honest self reflection to critical of society and those he looks down upon.

Early in the formation of the rap trio, June tried to step up and assume the most responsiblity, only to immediately have his group mates wave him off. They knew how easy it was for June to get in his own head, and instead worked out a system where each of them steps up to lead where they're more capable. They struggled to find balance in the early days, but now have a deep bond of trust and fit perfectly together - both as business partners and friends. Now, all they need is someone to recognize their talent.

Theme Song

"I believe in me, I believe in myself
Even as time passes I’ll be livin’ in myself
Believe my faith believe my rap
I believe my damn voice will one day be spread"
I Believe - RM


Mang & Gloss - best friends; rap trio
Matte - basically family at this point
Indy & Everett - sports bros who lowkey intimidate June
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