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Age Mid 20's
Gender Cis Woman
Pronouns She/Her
Sexuality Sapphic
Status Taken; Zora
ML # 1580


athletic confident sharp ambitious adaptable

We Gave The Lesbian A Sword. Naturally drawn to athletics from a young age, Matte excels at sports, with her specialty being swordsmanship. Much like her twin brother, she's incredibly driven, and used her passion to push her towards becoming one of the highest ranked athletes in her league. Confident and with a sharp tongue, Matte is unafraid of letting people know exactly where they stand in her eyes. She's not inherently dismissive of others, but she also doesn't waste time with people she's uninterested in. Through swordfighting Matte has learned discipline and focus, and used that to learn how to adapt to various situations and become very emotionally resilient.

Matte was born just a few minutes earlier than her brother, but she loves to flaunt the fact that she's (technically) older. She and Gloss were very close as kids, but as they grew older their pursuit of their passions created a rift between them. Equally driven but with more avenues for success, Matte started reaching her goals quicker than Gloss, and resentment flared up. However, even through it all they never stropped loving and caring about one another, they just struggled to find common ground. Coming into early adulthood they started actively working on repairing their relationship, and now are closer than they've ever been. They're incredibly proud and supportive of one another, even if they're not great at finding the words to express it.

Theme Song

"I've tasted blood and it is sweet
I've had the rug pulled beneath my feet
I've trusted lies and trusted men
Broke down and put myself back together again
Stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters
Collected the pieces and picked out a dagger"
Nightmare - Halsey


Zora - girlfriend
Gloss - younger twin
June & Mang - her brother's nerd friends that are basically her family
Everett & Indy - jock squad
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