Bloompuff | 4 | Female | She/Her | April 24th

πŸ¦„ "I'm little, but I'm gonna be just like Dad and Renny when I grow up: big and strong." πŸ¦„

πŸ¦„ About πŸ¦„

Though her life has only been a few short years so far, Daisy is a sweet little Bloompuff with wonderful parents and big dreams. She's got a bright future ahead of her and she loves to play and be with her family. She's a sweet girl with all the love in the world to give.

πŸ¦„ Personality πŸ¦„

Despite her young age, Daisy has a big personality. She's very sweet, very kind, and loves to make her parents laugh. She likes to see people smile and likes to giggle. She's very curious and wants to know more about the world around her.
Daisy, however, can be a little aloof when upset and doesn't like to worry people. It's not that she doesn't want to talk, she just doesn't want to annoy or worry anyone. She's also a little clumsy and tends to trip over her own feet or stutter on her words.

πŸ¦„ Traits πŸ¦„

πŸ¦„ Flower: Petals-Common
πŸ¦„ Pattern: Ribboned Back-Uncommon
πŸ¦„ Tail: Long with Stars-Rare
πŸ¦„ Wings: Back Wings-Uncommon
πŸ¦„ Mutations: Fantasy Flower

πŸ¦„ Appearance πŸ¦„

Daisy stands at 3 feet tall with tanned skin, purple eyes, and black hair with streaks of blue, usually in two buns on the top of her head. She wears a blue and lavender longsleeve, a pink necklace with a heart, a pearl bracelet on her left wrist, a lavender belt, a blue skirt with a pastel rainbow on it, and indigo pants with matching indigo and white sneaker. She has a purple tail with small green stars in it, long ears with a pattern and dark blue petals on the inside, black ribbons and purple bows on the back of her ears, and purple fairy wings on her back.

πŸ¦„ History πŸ¦„

Helios and Angel, two loving Bloompuff, got married and were for two years before Daisy came into their life. They couldn't have children of their own, so they traveled to one of the places in Aermerea to speak to the Gods. The two prayed for a child of their own, and their love was true and hearts pure. They were given an egg and soon after, Daisy hatched in Helios' arms. She's been in their life for some time, and Helios and Angel love her dearly and will always cherish her.

πŸ¦„ Trivia πŸ¦„

πŸ¦„ Daisy's favorite color is blue.
πŸ¦„ Daisy has a little lisp in her speech.
πŸ¦„ Daisy snorts when she laughs.
πŸ¦„ Daisy has wings, and will be able to fly when she gets older.
πŸ¦„ Daisy always carries her stuffed unicorn with her. Her name is Mimi.
πŸ¦„ Daisy likes apples a lot.


Unicorns, purple, rainbows, princesses, gloves, toys, and playing dress up


Doctors, hospitals, needles, fire, and bugs


Purple, blue, rainbows, strawberries, fairies, unicorns, and blue hair


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