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🌊Henry J. MacArthur
Son of James MacArthur and Elise Strakosch

🌊A quiet lighthouse keeper who's to turning himself into a Sea Beast after becoming disillusioned with humanity.
🌊Through a process of eating star bits as many Sea Beasts do to gain inner strength, his body has begun to change. The process is slow, as any star piece bigger than a jellybean is a rare find.
🌊Henry doesn't interact with humans, instead being welcomed into the commerce and social circles of sea snakes, sea serpents, and other ocean beasts who pass through his waters. He's known for his hospitality to creatures of the land and sea, always having plenty of food to cook, places to sleep, and medicine for scratches and bruises.
🌊Under his hushed nature lies an intense, passionate heart.


🌊Henry's middle and surname come from from the case of the 1900 crew disappearance of the Flannan Isles Lighthouse, in which 3 lighthouse keepers at the lighthouse disappeared. Henry gets his middle name from James Ducat and Donald MacArthur. Canonically, he gets his middle and surname from his father.
🌊Henry, as well as the story he mains, is an expression of the acceptance of one's own non-binary masculinity.
🌊 Henry's character design is made to resemble a Sea Beast without being too obvious. His eyebrows with the "dragon swirl" are the most blunt "serpent" design trait in him - I draw Henry in positions and environments that allow heavy shadow underneath his eyes to add ambiguity, and strong shadow under his nose to form the illusion of a more cat-like nose that many Sea Beasts have. When underwater, I play up these aspects a lot. Check them out when you look through his gallery!
🌊Henry was born 1/25/1925 in the nondescript Northwestern Pacific to James MacArthur and Elise Strakosch. Kintal finds Henry looks and acts much more like Elise than James.