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947613815363739738.gif?size=96&quality=l  WELKUM 2 MY TOYHOUZ!!1!  947613815363739738.gif?size=96&quality=l
feel free 2 look around 'n enjoy yr stay! :D
i gota few thingzz 2 say b4 u enter ( read ! )

946385813724360754.gif?size=96&quality=l  u may offer on ANY characturr... yez, including sonas!  946385813724360754.gif?size=96&quality=l
946385813724360754.gif?size=96&quality=l  u can add me on discord ! just ask me b4 (unless we're mutz)  946385813724360754.gif?size=96&quality=l
946385813724360754.gif?size=96&quality=l   if u own a design by me, u can do MOSTLY anything with it - within reason.  946385813724360754.gif?size=96&quality=l
NOTE i am autistic & my typing style/attitude can potentially b overwhelming!
if i'm making u uncomfortable while communicating PLZ lmk bc i can't alwayz tell Dx
DO NOT do the following w/ my designs
947607669164883999.gif?size=96&quality=l  resell it 4 more than its initial value + how much you've spent on it (your art countz!!!) 
947607669164883999.gif?size=96&quality=l  write the character to be fascist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, etc. without 
 substantial reason & plot surrounding these factors (if you're unsure, ask me!) 
947607669164883999.gif?size=96&quality=l  give the character 2 someone on my blacklist (...

thecollective / personal
TEK / school shooter fan /srs
Iamb / ableist, friends (?) w/ tek

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