Alois Lovelace



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  • Name Alois Lovelace
  • Age Died at the age of 17
  • GenderMale
  • Height159cm
  • Weight~49kg
  • Type Ghost
  • Birthday 14.2
  • Alignment Lawful Good
  • Rank Count
  • MusicTheme 1


"Ah, Charles, please put that painting back where you took it from. Someone is going to trip on it. Most likely me,"

Alois is a ghost of a noble boy who died during an assault to his summer mansion. He now lives in his old, abandoned summer mansion in a small town together with his poltergeist servants. A silent and melancholic ghost, Alois finds no delight in haunting people and rather just spends his time silently observing. However, as he wishes no harm to those who come to his mansion for whatever reason, he often tries to spook them away so they wouldn't get to deal with the poltergeist servants who know no mercy.  


Alois died at the age of 17 and has since looked the same. He is relatively short for a young adult, standing only 159cm tall. His face is oval shaped and somewhat long but not enough to be noticeably so. As a ghost he has very light gray, almost white, and soft, wavy hair tied up with a dark gray ribbon. His hair is to his mid-back and he rarely opens it.

His eyes are somewhat drooped and his eye color is yellow. He has dark circles under his eyes and red, blood-like markings on the sides of his eyes, resembling huge teardrops. His eyebrows are the same colour as his hair.  Alois' nose is average size and pointy. His lips are of average size as well with no noticeable features aside from their darker red color that contrasts against his relatively light skin and gives him a feminine look.

When he was alive he had caramel brown hair with some shade of pink on the tips of them, blue eyes and clear skin.

Alois is very skinny, especially from the stomach area. As his hip is somewhat wide for a male, it looks especially noticeable when paired with his extremely small waist. Alois' shoulders still remain slightly wider than his hip. He has somewhat small hands and his overall bone structure is light. Added by the fact he is slightly underweight, he can come off as fragile to people. He has a permanent stab wound on his left side, staining his clothes red.


Polite, well-mannered and kind, Alois is easy to get along with but hard to get to know, especially now that he is a ghost. He is very silent and prefers not making himself visible to whoever visits the mansion, and for their own good Alois tries to chase them away. However, as he is not hostile, he does answer if directly talked to, and tends to warm up to people quickly if they just keep visiting him.

Remaining as a ghost has made him somewhat melancholic and sad, but he appreciates the kindness of others greatly and tries his best not to ruin the mood with his own feelings of sadness. He enjoys talking to others and discussing about things, and he is very physical in terms of talking, gesturing a lot as he speaks.

He values fairness and justice, and especially in his life was fast to take action whenever he saw there was a problem. However, in contrast to this, Alois in general lacks passion and ambitions, and this was especially noticeable during his time alive: he excelled in arts, music and writing, but he had no real interest in any of those things. Instead he just preferred reading in his own peaceful corner. He did, however, enjoy debating about books and other things he was knowledgeable of. 

Due the fact he grew up somewhat sheltered and died young, Alois might appear very naive. This is especially relevant when he becomes older and doesn't know what is happening around him anymore as he can't easily exit the mansion. However, it’s a mistake to assume Alois to be a pushover or easy to trick: he knows his own worth and place, and he can be assertive when he needs to be. 



Born as the only true heir to a noble family, Alois grew up in the life of culture and luxury. His family consisted of mother, father and older stepsister. Alois’ mother and father were both nobles, but his father was of higher rank than mother. They had a daughter before Alois, but she died of an unknown illness before even reaching her first year.

Although he wasn’t born particularly weak, Alois has always had fatigue tendencies. Not wanting to risk anything, Alois lived most of his early life in their summer mansion, away from the main city and its commotion and diseases. Although as older he did start spending time in their main mansion too, Alois has spent most of his life in the summer mansion. He was home-schooled there and he interacted mostly with nobles, oblivious to the life of commoners.

His parents died when he was 15. Although the reason for death was seemingly an accident while they had been travelling, in truth it was a planned act made by cultists. In the past, Alois’ mother had been involved with these people and they now took their revenge.

  • Alois became count and the head of the family at 15. Due to his age he did have a supervisor but Alois handled things so well the supervisor was not really needed. She only backed him up when she thought Alois needed to spend more time out of work

  • Inherited the mistakes of his parents too: soon he realized his parents had been meddling with dangerous things and his life was constantly in a risk of assassination

  • Eventually he was assassinated in his summer mansion with the servants that were with him.

  • Alois was stabbed and he died of bleeding. The killer thought he had already died but instead Alois tried to get out of the mansion with his remaining powers. However, he failed and the mansion was full of corpses no matter where he went. Only his butler was missing and was never to be found.

  • He woke up as a ghost and slowly started figuring out his limits, powers and how to deal with his spirit servants

Abilities / Skills

  • Alois can play the piano and viola. Had he lived longer, he might have become a conductor as he showed slight interest and talent for it.

  • He can actually walk out of the mansion, but prefers staying indoors. Only occasionally he visits the yard but usually keeps it very brief so people would not spot him.

  • Alois can also travel through objects within his mansion, meaning if someone steals something from there, Alois can follow them through the stolen object. Travelling between places even if just briefly keep him from losing his mind in the boredom of the mansion.


  • When alive, Alois liked observing people. He still does, but naturally does not have as many opportunities to do so.

  • People often leave junk in the mansion when they run away in fear. Alois collects the most dangerous things, thinking the other spirits might do something bad with them

  • Alois is a relative to Claude from Claude's father's side (Alois was born a few generations before him though).