Alois Lovelace's Comments

I have always been a fan of ghost characters and I really love this take on one! I really enjoyed reading through his profile and it had a lot of really interesting details in it. The part about him being able to travel through objects stood out to me, it is a really neat idea that I haven't seen done before. And that's not even mentioning the design, the differences between his living form and his ghost form add the character in a cool way and make him stand out. Overall I think he's a very cool character that I'd love to see a story about one day!

Thank you so much ; o ; < 3

Honestly Alois' design is one of my personal faves but the fact I created him during my worst depression pit has really made me hesitant to work on him more because of negative associations, but hearing comments like these really makes me want to pick him up properly again!! I have an old oneshot collection about him I should elaborate on and finish ; v ;

This was a fun read! ^^ You did a good job on his character~!

Thank you so much ; o ; < 3 !! And thank you for taking time to read his bio!

Not a problem! >w< I hope to come back and re-read it if you end up editing it in the future! :0

Aaa this is an honour ; v ;
I should definitely put more into his backstory; it's been a bullet point list far too long!