Quinn Marshallek



3 months, 13 days ago


An almost simple guy from Albizia.
        •About 23 years, male

 •Didnt appear yet.
 •He hangs with the witches near Albizia. Seems to be friends with them.
 •Walks around alot. Hes interested in alot of things.
 •All he does all day is learning anything and everything that even seems slightly interesting to him. Reads alot, talks alot with older people.
 •He tries out alot, but rarely ever changes his appearance.
 •Hes pretty clever. He developed his own ethics and morality, but respects society mostly. Hes nihilistic.
 •He owns alot of shades. He likes to hide his face, but smiles alot. Needs glasses to read.
 •His eye color is simply brown.
 •He just wears whatever but it mostly looks ok.
 •He would travel around alot if he wouldnt rather be with his friends. He learned that he needs company.
 •He's very active and is always doing something productive, otherwhise he would get bored easily or feel bad.
 •Sometimes he just vanishes for a day and comes back with 12 snails or something and starts breeding them until he gets bored after a week

RP reminder notes for myself:
 •Knows how to pick locks, always got some handy stuff in his pockets
 •Smears on walls if he doesnt have anything to write on
 •Grave robbing is more clever than killing
 •Hes clever enough to stay out of any arguments with strangers. Doesnt care about most people. Would just walk away.
 •Dissects and unscrews everything hes interested in
 •Sometimes invents utterly useless devices, but wouldnt call hisself an inventor.
 •Hes good with crossword puzzles since hes got alot of useless knowledge
 •He pickles every kind of stuff in any kind of liquid just to see what happens to it
 •Hes stealing food etc sometimes, he doesnt ever feel guilt for any minor crime like that.
 •He just recently found out that sex is another thing you can try out alot with, still seems a bit awkward with sexual themes tho, not shy, just awkward.
 •Nothing is not interesting. If something isnt interesting, its just not the perfect time for it yet.