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UNIVERSE Baldur's Gate
RACE/GENDER Human female
AGE 27 (end of BG2)
MORALITY Neutral evil
CLASS Wild mage


Scholarly · Narcissistic · Playful

Magnolia is wild mage who loves the trill of adventure, but hates the filth of the outdoors. On the surface, she exudes an air of elegance and sophistication, with a poised demeanor and a confident bearing. But she otherwise has a haughty, animated personality, with a quick wit and a mischievous streak.

Her moral compass is skewed, as she is self-serving and lacks empathy for others. If she must wrong another to get what she wants she will not hesitate, but she will play nice if it is in her best interest. She views the select few she cares for as an extension of herself; family in particular is something she values. There is no act too horrible, no retribution too great to right a wrong committed against those she loves.

At her core, she is driven by insecurity. She craves constant validation and admiration, but her self-destructive tendencies ensure that these things are just out of reach. She patronizes others to lift herself up; she comforts herself with her own warped reality to hide from truths she cannot face; she finds men to warm her bed to feel desired, if only for one night.


  • Candlekeep was her home for most of her life. She would claim she was dying to leave but couldn't because her father forced her to stay. Truthfully, she is petrified of the unknown and the failure that it can bring. She refuses to allow others to see her blunders and abhors being faced with her own inadequacies.
  • She refuses to resort to torture for any reason. Not because she opposes the act itself, but because it reminds her of her own trauma.
  • One of her favorite things to do is read. She loves learning new things. In part simply for the enjoyment of it but also because she revels in being the smartest person in the room.


Magnolia spent most of her life within the library fortress of Candlekeep, under the guardianship of her foster-father Gorion. Children were an oddity at the keep, though she found a friend in Imoen, who she viewed as her adoptive sister.

She was inspired by her foster father's knowledge of the magical arts, and made especially productive use of her library home. She pored over the vast, if often inaccessible, treasury of magical lore, and learnt as much as she could. Gorion had been kind enough to instruct her in the basics, but he was a touch concerned about her safety as Magnolia was a rather unruly, occasionally downright conniving child. She began to delve into wild magic in her teenage years, single-mindedly aspiring to tame the mysterious, thrilling, and chaotic force.

Baldur's Gate 1/2

When she watched her father die at the hands of a mysterious adversary, she threw herself into her quest for revenge. Her desire to harness vast, unknowable power grew as she learned she was a child of the Lord of Murder, Bhaal.

Magnolia has a complicated relationship with her Bhaalspawn heritage. On one hand, it represents a dark power that has brought only death and tragedy to those she loves. On the other hand, it is a source of immense personal power and a means of vengeance against her father's killer. She struggles with her own morality, torn between her love for Gorion and her desire for power and retribution.


Magnolia was a mortal now and had chosen to become so of her own volition. It was hard-won, even if it had not been her original plan. While ascending to godhood was a tempting fate, there was too much that remained for her on this plane.

There was nothing to tether her to Amn any longer. Her companions disbanded and went their own ways—Imoen's parting ending in a hug and a promise to trade letters; Korgan's with a heavy-handed slap on the back; and Viconia's with her usual feigned stoicism.

Magnolia's plans lay with joining Edwin who had neglected responsibilities to attend to in Thay. It seemed she wouldn't be able to lay her challenges to rest having to contend with moving to a new country, Edwin's difficult mother, and a creeping depression she couldn't shake off.



"Well, I am to be married. Magnolia Odesseiron rolls off the tongue quite nicely, does it not? Although, according to my sister, it makes me sound like a snot-nosed noble. Personally, I take no issue with that. I traded ascending to godhood for a rise to nobility, a perk for marrying the man I love. As for nicknames... Imoen has called me Maggie since we were children. My full name was a bit of a tongue-twister for her back then, so I proposed the nickname because I tired of hearing her constant mispronunciation."

Do you have anyone special in your life? If so, describe them.

"You are looking at her," she says with a smirk, gesturing to herself with a superfluous flair. "But truly, my Eddie is one of a kind. He is a powerful and capable wizard like myself, verbally assaults others with no provocation, and his nails are always perfectly manicured into threatening little points." She grins. "The man of my dreams."

What is the most evil thing you have ever done so far?

"I would not be so melodramatic as to call any of my actions evil. Everything is a means to an end, and in the end, everyone values themselves above others and makes their choices accordingly. The actions I take should not be judged anymore harshly than, say, a paladin who breaks bread with a homeless man to inflate his own ego. And what of the paladin who slays hundreds in the name of his own misguided justice and claims he remains a man unmarred by the taint of 'evil.' 'Evil' is a weapon flailed around by the insecure with skeletons in their closet. Do not dare hurl such sentiments at me without first examining the truth: this so called 'evil', it is all a matter of perspective."

Do you have a ridiculous true story to tell?

"Ahh... The Chronicles of Edwina, I call them. It is a fable-worthy tale with a grand lesson to teach and all. Do not meddle with ancient magic you know nothing of, else instead of a lich, you may find yourself transformed into the opposite sex. Oddly specific but proper fable all the same." She sighs. "I am never coaching anyone through their first period again."

Have you ever had your heart broken?

"My father, he was a fool, an idealistic man who wore his heart on his sleeve. That treacherous combination that saw him to his grave because he chose to take a baby Bhaalspawn home with him.
And so he named me Magnolia, and, in his poetic way, told me I’d bloom into something good and beautiful…” She huffs a mirthless laugh. “I have no illusions about the woman I became, Bhaal taint or no, but I… hope he would understand.”

What is your favorite memory?

“Speaking of my father, he schooled me when I was a child. Of course, the other monks tried to as well, but simply possessing knowledge does not mean one can teach. It is as if all of them had conspired to bore me to death with their tedious and banal lessons.
But my father’s lessons were never a bore, and he never treated me as a witless child because he understood how truly bright I was. I remember those lessons we had fondly. He nurtured my inquiring mind, and without him, I do not suppose I would be the same person I am today.”


"Let me just say I would not touch The Most Noble Order of the Bleeding Hearts with a ten foot pole. While their hypocrisy is amusing, the deeds of the religious zealots and blind 'do-gooders' that comprise that organization rival even Irenicus' exploits. Even the more interesting deities have their followers eating out of their palms like cattle, and I would prefer not to be associated with any of those dullards."


"I do not personally collect anything, no, but Eddie has a rather disgusting little collection of spell components. The question of what, precisely, vampire semen is an ingredient for is best left out of mind."



Gorion [ foster-father ]

The man who raised Magnolia from infancy until his untimely death in her adulthood. Gorion carefully kept her divine heritage a secret, raising her as a normal little girl. He was a good father to Magnolia, attentive and loving, always encouraging her desire to sap up all the knowledge she could. Witnessing her father's death has left her enraged. Bhaal's blood only seemed to draw death to her door. She became consumed with thoughts of vicious revenge against his killer, her brother. Magnolia discarded most of the late sage's moral lessons, feeling Gorion had a too idealistic view of the world. Be that as it may, she loved and still loves her father greatly.


Edwin Odesseiron [ Significant other ]

They met on a dreary evening in Nashkel, where Magnolia thought the skulking figure in red robes was liable to peddle drugs or shank her in a dark alley. Instead, with an occassional mutter under his breath, he asked for aid in killing a Rashemi woman. Not too far off from her initial guesses, she supposed.

Edwin, keeping his motives under wraps, had been tasked with keeping tabs on the progress of the Bhaalspawn and wild mage, Magnolia, in the name of Thayan political interests. Unfortunately, he would compromise his own mission by accidentally falling for his target.

Both enjoy casual slights and flinging sharp-tongued comments at everyone, especially each other because no one else could keep up with their quick-wittedness (although perhaps the reality is no one wished to be subjected to their massive egos). In the beginning, they constantly hurled insults and shot death glares at one another, always one step away from a strangling match. But somewhere along the line Magnolia and Edwin had inched away from enemies and into not-quite-friends. As they took baby steps towards an unintentional and unspoken friendship, the fighting became banter, and the banter gave way to actual conversation. What was 'just sex' became something less casual than they pretended it was. She found things to appreciate about his company although she would never admit it, even to herself; all the while Edwin had been suffering with his own lovesickness since he had met her. In time, he grew to be her best friend and partner in crime—figuratively and literally. They have shared triumphs and defeats, and have seen each other at their best and worst. Magnolia feels he is one of the few people who truly understands her and accepts her for who she is.


Vivica Odessiron [ edwin's mother ]

Vivica holds traditional Thayan values, which place a heavy emphasis on power and social standing. She views her son's engagement to Magnolia as a dilution of the Odesseiron family's pure Thayan bloodline, and believes Magnolia has a a hidden agenda. She's not sure what it is yet, but she intends to find out. However, she recognizes the potential advantages a Bhaalspawn and wild mage may could bring and temporarily allows Magnolia's presence, ready to eliminate her if necessary.


Imoen [ step-sister ]

She shares a close relationship with Magnolia, having grown up with her at Candlekeep. They were one another's only friend while growing up. Imoen has stayed by Magnolia's side through the death of Gorion, her journey to rescue Baldur's Gate, and through her hardships in Athkatla. She is Magnolia's confidant and best friend, one of the few beacons of light in her life. The wild mage trusts few and viciously protects those few she shares a bond with. She always strives to keep Imoen smiling, and if she is not, to enact harrowing retribution on anyone causing her grief or harm. Imoen may not always approve of her sister's tactics, but she continued to stand by her side all the same.


Sarevok Anchev [ step-brother ]

The first time Magnlia met her brother, it was when her foster-father, Gorion, was cut down by his blade. Their relationship was built on a hatred that unfolded in a final confrontation for their lives. What Magnolia didn't expect was to meet him again on another plane, his life once again in her hands. Wordlessly, she crushed his chance at a new life without a second thought.

Though she never spoke of it, Sarevok's death allowed Magnolia to process the emotions and feelings she had been suppressing since she found out he was her brother. In her own way, she mourned his death and the life he could have had if things had been different.


Viconia DeVir [ friend ]

Both view the world from a similar perspective: pragmatic selfishness is the name of the game. However, Viconia is a cunning manipulator with an astute survival instinct while comparatively, Magnolia believes she is more capable of executing such things than she truly is. The mage lacks proper real-world experience, having lived a sheltered life at Candlekeep, but Viconia was raised in the cutthroat, ruthless Underdark. The drow makes a point of conveying her opinion at every opportunity as she does not trust Magnolia's sometimes dodgy judgement calls.

Despite Viconia's inclination to forego something as weak as fostering bonds, it is not the drow way after all, it was difficult for her to ignore how she enjoyed her time spent with Magnolia. Their friendship began with trading thinly veiled insults and occasionally not-so-thinly-veiled threats, but progressed into passing idle hours chatting about their lives and scheming for opportunities to get a laugh from ruses they inflicted upon hapless passersby or their travelling companions. If questioned, Viconia would surely insist she is above such behavior. She was merely along to ensure Magnolia did not cause undesired grief for their travelling band.


Korgan Bloodaxe [ friend ]

He believed Magnolia to be a meweling kitten when they met. He would take up his blade for the group so long as there was something in it for himself. As Magnolia showed her spell-slinging skills, he gained a new respect for her, and although crass and gruesome, Korgan also has a softer side that Magnolia appreciated. His roaring, infectious laughter would never fail to draw her over to see what story he was telling this time. He even developed a bit of a crush on her, but readily admitted a Bhaalspawn was too much for him to handle.


Eldoth Kron [ enemy? with benefits ]

Magnolia never liked Eldoth, not even platonically. His slimy, manipulative personality was not particularly disagreeable in her eyes so long as it wasn't directed at her, but he was never to be trusted because of such. She did, however, share his bed frequently while he accompanied her in Baldur's Gate. At the time, he was also in a relationship with Sike Silvershield whose father Eldoth was blackmailing for money. Magnolia found his relationship with Skie amusing, and she felt a distinct sense of satisfaction having a part in his twisted con.