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Aulpeo fox . She/Her/It . Asexual

Citrus is my fursona and has helped me through discovering my pronouns, making me discover the furry community and realising I'm a part of it and so much more. I could ramble on for hours about her. Because of this, she will never be for trade, any offers on her will be declined. (PSSSTTT, I'm British, so if you have trouble understanding my grammar that's probably why! I'm always here if you want to talk about anything you don't understand ^^)

Citrus is a sweet, smallish Aulpeo fox, who just wants hugs and affection! Her alter ego, Nox, though, is an entirely different story... Apart from that Citrus likes hugs, hot chocolate, cookies, hoodies and stargazing. She has an internal strawberry birthmark under her right eye and is right handed. Her blood is goldenish. Her fur is super soft and her tail abnormally long, but she doesn't mind and embraces who she is! She has to spend at least two hours floating each day, or she will pass out for a week. The skin between her paws becomes webs then it's submerged in water, giving her an affinity for swimming and water. She also loves how the night sky reflects on the liquid! A few of the unlikely phobias she has are the Ancient Egyptians and anything even mildly related to that, getting her blood pressure taken and getting yelled at. I share these phobias, which means that the only ones he can be drawn in close proximity to is being yelled at in vent art. She can not have NSFW drawn of her, she is a minor. Gore art is always ok though! She has Maladaptive daydream disorder and can be drawn in her daydreams for vent art. She has the ability to walk in others dreams and interact with the world they create. Generally, Citrus is a cinnamon roll and always wants the best for the people around her!



Name Citrus
Sexuality Demiromantic Asexual
Gender Female
Species Aulpeo fox
Birthday 29th May
Blood colour Orange tinted gold 
Personality Type Introvert
Occupation Author/Artist

  • Night
  • Space
  • Winter

  • Days over 35°
  • Not being around people she knows (Separation Anxiety)
  • Loud noises


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Design Notes

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