Silver Asphodels (Mercenaries)



5 years, 10 months ago

Basic Info

Also known as:

Asfahil Zahradan, The Asfahils, The Asphodels


Operates mostly in the region of Ra-Hamun, Telfaz, and surrounding provinces, but travels quite far for work at the whims of Bijan.



Formed when Bijan, Emir, and Ghani were just young thugs trying to legitimize themselves some twenty years in the past. Emir had a distant blood relation to the Sayf Hanezad, a powerful and respected mercenary band from the Emirate of Lashkar, and was able to procure a small sum of gold and advice from them, but Bijan was the one who had the drive and the vision to hold their group together once it was formed.

They did a lot of illegitimate work in the beginning, desperate to keep fed and to keep their other members paid, but this slowly transitioned into more respectable jobs. Bijan prefers guard work and padding out military units over underhanded dealings and outright murder (though there's rumors he'll still take those jobs in secret).

He doesn't have a reputation of cruelty, though he is a hard man and runs a strict operation. Under his careful guidance, the Silver Asphodels are respected and feared, and even boast clients among royalty of many lands.


Please see the page for Dimarq, their main region of operation, for more setting info.