Nerezza's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!


Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

Base sales price: $35 USD (price checked and approved for the value of $20 USD with the current owner, witcher).

- Selling. All designs created by me (Queerly) are subject to my TOS, with the most important part being that you cannot resell them for more than you paid. 

- Trading. While you can 'trade up' (trading for a design of more monetary value) you do not inherit the new design's monetary value. Instead, your new design will have the value of your initial design applied to it. (ex. Hannah trades a $20 design to Emily for a $60 design. Hannah's new design is now valued at $20, and the one Emily receives is newly valued at $60).

queerly Global Rules

Whether you purchase designs or art from me directly or acquire it through other means, you are automatically subject to my Terms of Service.

  • Failure to abide my TOS will result in a blacklisting! 
  • In general, you may not resell designs for more than you originally paid. If you resell a design, you must notify me of the new owner.   
  • Should a design have additional artwork pieces that you paid for, and you would like to add their price to the base resale price, please contact hey-stardust to confirm the new price. In general (and to avoid flipping), I do not honor price changes based on the reseller's own artwork additions, though I retain the right to make exceptions.   
  • When trading a design, the new design you acquire will retain your old design's value. For instance, if you trade a $20 bargain bin for a $200 pantheon, your new pantheon design is now valued at $20, and the bargain bin the other person received is now valued at $200. This rule goes into affect as of September 9th 2020, and is not retroactively applied. Please contact hey-stardust for unusual trades (three ways, multiple designs for one, etc) that may need further assistance.
  • You may not draw on or edit the artwork I provide for you unless permission is acquired. You may not use my artwork for commercial use unless we've discussed it prior or I have explicitly sold the artwork with that intention in mind (ex. adoptable templates). 
  • I do not accept returns under any circumstances. 
  • If you contact a potential buyer or bidder before, during, or after a sale / auction / raffle for the purpose of intimidation, harassment, or any manipulation that would affect their decision to bid/buy, you will be blacklisted from all future sales. The method of communication (comment section, notes, discord server, etc) is irrelevant and will be treated with the same level of severity.

Regarding Edits, Redesigns, and Instagram Breed Sheets

Redesigns and Edits

When you acquire one of my designs, you are welcome to edit it as much or as little as you like! When it comes to edits and total redesigns, here are a few terms to keep things fair and happy:   

  • You may not draw on my artwork.  
  • The original design by me must always be kept with, and sold / traded / gifted with, the edited or redesigned version.  You may not sell / trade / gift a design with the intention to keep a redesigned version for yourself without my permission.


  • If you feel that a redesign you've made is far enough removed from the original design, to the point where no one looking at the two designs would see a connection, please message my admin, hey-stardust  to discuss separating them! 

Instagram Breed Sheets

  • You are always welcome to commission or design family members for your personal characters! However, you may not use my designs in 'breed sheets' or create 'foal designs' for profit based on my design.

Regarding Blockchain Technology 

  • Nothing made by me may be used in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.