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Aerial Combat Specialist

  • Name Sakki
  • Age 25
  • Height 198cm
  • Occupation ARKS Field Operative
  • Orientation Lesbian
  • Personality

    Though she appears cool and stern, Sakki is a surprisingly caring person with people she feels close to, and often teases or flirts outrageously with other women. With the unfamiliar, she can be somewhat standoffish and uncomfortable, even shy, though she would never admit it. She has a difficult time tolerating blatant foolishness, and will usually walk away from such situations if it is reasonable to do so.

    Underneath all of that, lies an idealist with a strong protective streak and an uncompromising sense of justice.

  • Appearance

    Sakki is an albino Deuman. Standing at an impressive 198 cm (horns included), she presents a strong, well toned body, developed in the course of her training. As expected, her skin is very pale, and is unable to take a tan. She wears her snow white hair long, usually tied up in a simple ponytail. Her right eye is a bright red, and like all Deumans is heterochromatic, her left eye a bright pink. Her clothes tend towards the simple and rugged, well suited for protection and mobility, though thats not to say she doesn't "clean up" from time to time. Rarely seen without her glasses on.

  • Likes Challenging herself, watching dancers, training, interrupting Solazz' personal time
  • Dislikes Excessive Sunlight, rude people, restrictive clothing
  • Backstory

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  • Matoi Soulmate, Cherry of my Life

    Whether it's on the battlefield or off, they've been through it all together. Where you find one, the other won't be far away. They rarely speak about what the relationship between them is, but the tender looks and gentle body language they share speaks volumes.

  • Name Relationship

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  • Name Relationship

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  • Question

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  • Question

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  • Question

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  • Question

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  • Trivia
    • ● She enjoys fermented foods and drinks.
    • ● Though she flirts a lot, it's hardly serious.
    • ● Has been called a "Hot Topic" lesbian, but what is the hot topic?
    • ● Secretly self conscious regarding her height, but not too much. Avoids heels.
    • ● Back to food, the spicier it is the better.
    • ● Nunc et ultrices orci, id hendrerit massa. In mattis interdum augue, vel scelerisque elit venenatis sed.

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