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Species: Demi-Human(Fox)/Resonator

Born: October 13th, 2001AR (Age 18 as of RVM)

Height: 5'4" (164cm)

Weight: 130lbs (59kg)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Demi

Rhythm Strength: Emotion

Rhythm Weakness: Knowledge

Element: Fire

Attribute: Null

Maestro: Colette Severine

First Appearance: Ragazza Volpe Magica Ch. 31

Likes: Fire, driving, sports cars, martial arts, adventure

Dislikes: Water, going slow, math, feeling useless

She's a bit of a tomboy, athletic. She isn’t afraid to fight and really enjoys doing so. She will always stand up for what she feels is right and won’t hesitate to tell someone off if she thinks they’re in the wrong. Though when it comes to her friends she is more apprehensive and may bite her tongue if she thinks she might be wasting her time.

She has a tough time understanding trickier topics. She hates when people talk too fast and explain things way over her head, but in the same respect she hates being talked down to. The best way to handle her is to break down the subject matter piece by piece so she has time to properly digest the information being presented to her.

Excitable as a flame, she relishes the thrills life has to offer. A good word to describe her is "passionate". While she burns like a bright flame at her most intense, she's quick to deteriorate and smolder. She doesn't seem like the type that would handle settling down very well, though that remains to be seen. For the time being she's immersed in the wild storm that is her life.

One thing she's deathly afraid of losing what she has and does what she can to maintain it even if she's unhappy with it; telling herself "it's okay, everything will be fine". It's to a determent where she will actively spiral into a state of depression when she reaches the realization that she's powerless to change an unpleasant situation.

She's usually very tolerant of her friends and loved ones, though this little vixen does have a boiling point and should she ever reach it those bonds she so cherishes would evaporate leaving only the residue of resentment behind.

Misc Facts

  • She loves sports cars and has a bit of a lead foot. Before the events of Ragazza Volpe Magica, she would take joyrides out in the desert just so she could go as fast as possible without attracting too much attention.
    • She tried street racing once but was ran off the road. Nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt, but it spooked her and Colette so badly they never tried it again.
  • Despite hating water, she's actually a really good swimmer.
    • This is mostly so she can quickly exit the water should she end up landing in the water for whatever reason.
  • She's a huge fan of old martial arts films
  • She knows a form of kick boxing meant for fire-elements that utilizes their class skill
  • She wears black shorts spats under her skirt so she doesn't have to worry about her skirt while fighting

Species Bonus: Candid Sense -Through increased hearing, the resonator has an innate sense of their target's position in battle, increasing the accuracy of their attacks.
Element Bonus: Minor cold and heat resistance
Class Skill: Icarus' ala - Increases user’s speed and allows flight. Chance for damage to self the longer the skill is active.

Spell List (As of Chapter 87)

(Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Basic fire attack, casts a flame attack at the target

Fuoco Fatuo 
(Tenuto or Mosso)
Casts a ball of floating fire. Mosso creates a quick burst of light, while Tenuto causes the ball to follow the caster, providing a light source.

(Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Advanced fire attack, makes a fireball that is fired at the target, may singe the target

Anello di Fuoco 
(Tenuto or Mosso)
Creates a ring of fire on the ground around the target.

Raggia del Sahara
Advanced Fire support, clears the local weather and intensifies the sun's rays to blazing levels. Deals sustained fire damage

Fire-Water spell that expels a column of super-heated steam, may cause singeing.

Tempeste Cenere 
Fire-Nature spell that changes the weather to ash storm, increasing the strength of Fire and Nature spells.

Roccia Fusa 
Fire-Earth spell that expels a cannon ball of lava at the target. Upon landing it splashes, creating a small pool of lava that will cool slowly. Exposure to the lava deals severe singeing.

Eruzione Solare 
Fire-Solar Spell that creates an intense burst of light coupled with a wind carrying fire. The burst does not last long and dissipates quickly with distance. May inflict blindness and/or singeing.

Fire-Lunar spell summons seven balls of purple fire that circle the user. Upon identifying a target they will launch one at a time at the enemy. Very small chance to singe the enemy

Scintilla di civiltà 
Ultimate fire attack. Fizzles on natural elements, but anything created by civilization is completely powerless against it.

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