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Basic Info




Raiyir an Osuyiinfi, Osuyiinfi, Sanao ("Ruler of Silence, Silence, Sanao")


Raiyir ("Ruler")


can change size at will. Usually not any smaller than around 3.5 feet tall, 3ish meters long

Originates from

the Lorrken realm


Can make things more quiet. Can temporarily or permanently take someone's hearing.








|| Personality ||

Loyal, Free-Thinking, Calm, Aloof, Cynical, Blunt


|| History ||



|| Trivia ||

- Talks softly most of the time. But if he's in lorrken form, he hardly ever gives himself a mouth unless he's eating/snarling/smiling, so it can be a bit unsettling hearing him talk without seeing a mouth moving. 

- Also Cecil just refrains from talking a lot in general. Most of the time, if he talks his sentences are short and sweet. He gets by more with body language: trills and chirps and cat noises. 

-Gale is the only one who knows Cecil is actually lorrken (and can turn into a giant cat, his true form). Gale's parent's adopted Cecil when he and Gale were both pretty young. 

- Technically doesn't need to eat, but he likes to. Lorrkens need to eat but Rulers do not. His favorite foods are salty things like crackers, pretzels, and pickles. He can and will eat a whole jar of olives. Also likes omelettes and food with lots of cheese. 

-Although he doesn't need to eat, he does need to sleep and can get very cranky without it. 

- He is the best pillow and Gale has sleeped on his mane/tails many times. His tails are also prehensile so he often grabs stuff with those

- When excited/happy his glowy bits glow brighter and more vibrant, when sad, they dull. This goes for all lorrkens. 

- Has been going to school with gale since they were in elementary school. Tries to keep C+ to B+ averages in his classes. He enjoys school but doesn't know exactly what he's going to do after highschool. Especially considering he's not human, although he may as well be at this point because he has no intent return to his life in lork.