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- I have some profiles with custom colors, and I use the Pink Theme. If you have trouble reading them, switch to a theme with a light(er) background.
- Sales listed on this account are tentative, and I am generally only going to accept USD.
- I am very liberal with my block button, and odds are I don't even remember why I blocked you. Go away.
- I don't have a DNI/BYF/carrd/whatever the fuck else people are doing now. Don't be a queerphobic right-wing asshole or an edgelord and you'll probably be fine. If you're not, I have a block button :)

You Should Know Better, But Please Do Not

  • Use/repost/attempt to claim my characters or their art
  • Use my characters for your role-plays/role-playing games
  • "Kin" with my characters
  • Offer on characters not listed for sale. See Imperator for most sales

Content Warnings Include But Are Not Limited To

  • Swearing
  • PTSD
  • Alcoholism
  • Gun violence (& other forms of violence)
  • Body horror
  • Nudity (appropriately marked)

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