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General Warnings

  • Mild NSFW: I'm 20 years old, so keep in mind I might have some nsfw.
  • Please, don't steal my characters OR save their images! If you're interested in a trade, just ask. If it's an adopt, just ask for the price. If you want an adopt you MUST own a Toyhouse to transfer to.

  • Please be nice and keep in mind I'm not on 24 hours a day. If you need to get into contact either dm me, note me on my DA, or even dm me on twitter.
  • If you buy any chars from me, you must sell them for the price bought, unless you have more art, then price accordingly.
  • You may draw my characters and take inspiration from them, but please don't copy them down to the wire. Please be original and add a spin to it. I can't stop you from taking inspiration and I admire those who get inspired from my work/chars.
Other Info

  • I draw mlp, anthros and ferals (Might start trying chibis soon). If you like my art and are interested in getting some from me, feel free to dm. Be mindful of common sense towards me: DOn't be rude, be nice and just be chill, please! Thank you again for checking out my page!

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