(ON HOLD)'s Comments

is she still on hold? i see it’s been 5 months :•0

yeah! ^u^
They're still on hold, so sorry! 

Would you be interested in art or custom trade? Or is it pre-existing OC trade only ;o;

Omg! I'd honestly be so down for a custom from you if you were ok with a front nude + outfit view ^o^ 💖

AAA yes!! If you want you can give me details here or Twitter? I will say in advanced I may be a bit slow with the custom mainly due to queue work, if that's okay!! I'd be honoured to do a custom for you <3

That's perfectly ok with me! ^u^/

I'll send you the details through Twitter in a bit and put this cutie on hold for you as well 💖

Awesome!! Thank you so much <3 <3

would this V4N4 or GhostsHaunt/citykings design interest you?

Do you happen to have a better view of that citykings character? ^u^
(it can be watermarked, i just wanted to see their complete design lol You're free to DM me if you want)

sure thing!!💎⭐️✨✨

Any interests in https://toyhou.se/9645785.wynyard ?

They're super cute but I sadly I don't see myself using them much, so sorry! I appreciate the offer though! 💖💖

just editing my comment 

I moved my trade offers to a folder on this account called ufo/ufs 

 I can also do art as an add on

Sadly I didn't see anyone in that folder that I'd use much unfortunately, but I did like this cutie! Idk if you'd trade for them? ^u^

(Totally ok if not though 💖)


I would be so down if I did not just get her, sorry ❣️

totally alright! OuO/
If you ever decide to change your mind just let me know ^u^d <3

I will ~ 

Any of my toyhouse ecept main sonas, Brutas fursona/oc’s🦉folders, ocs whit 💖 might be tentative but this is a super dreamy, so just say if you see anyone that intrested you!!

Sadly I didn't see anyone I'd use much, so sorry! The only one I liked was Ron, but they're main sonas, so I'm sure they're off limits which I totally understand! 💖

I appreciate the offer nonetheless though! ^u^ 💖💖

SinfulWhispers do you see anyone outside of mains and primaries? the special folder in primaries is okay tho, just tentative !!

Sadly I didn't see anyone I'd use much out of those folders, so sorry! I appreciate the offer though! 💖

May i be added to her ping list please?