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Please read these rules before offering on my characters!!!

I want old and low quality characters GONE so I am accepting pretty much any USD offers on characters valued under $20.

If offering on characters, please make note of these rules:

- I am not interested in MLP, Pokemon, or any fandom designs at all

- I am not interested in any closed species

- I am not interested -core designs of any kind, but mostly kidcore and egirl/eboy-core. If a character has a tattoo or a geometric symbol on them, I don't want them.

- Please take a look at my TH and my favourites to get an idea of what kind of designs I like

- Feral, furry, humanoid, and humans are all OK. You can offer any animals but my favourites are dragons and wolves. I also enjoy humanoid/neko characters a lot. Currently I am VERY interested in obtaining catboy/nekomimi characters

- I do not accept customs on bases, and usually am uninterested in any customs at all

- Quality over quantity with art. If you need to offer multiple art pieces to make up for a value, don't bother offering.

- Please don't ghost me. It's incredibly rude to toy with my emotions because you decided you didn't actually want a character. Think before offering.

- Do not offer me your whole toyhouse. Only characters you are willing to trade. Even better if you link me to specific ones I may like. Comments offering entire THs will be ignored or deleted

- Offers on any characters labled "do not offer" will be deleted

- I don't do pinglists

- I do not accept any form of virtual currency. Ask me about vouchers and giftcards. I use paypal only. Comments offering DA points/Amino coins/FR treasure/etc will be ignored or deleted

- No more Low Quality designs, I've already lost too much being nice and accepting of these

please stop offering low quality designs on characters worth $20 or more. i will no longer answer such offers

Thank you for reading.

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