Basic Info




15 (physical)




Ghost (doppelgänger)


155 cm


Pansexual panromantic








Regenerative immortal (cursed/non natural)


When in default ghost form, his voice sounds like many voices at the same time, in a soft breathy tone. In human form, his voice is just one, and it's sharper.


     Do you have time to stop by and give me a kiss? It won't take long!     

A ghost who's obsessed with kisses and nothing else. Or so he wants to seem, given the fact that he's also obsessed with acting, and a criminal.


In ghost form, his entire body and hair looks white. His hair is short with his bangs styled half-up his forehead, except for one lock of hair that stands up from his forehead, and two locks of hair that poke his cheeks. His eyes are blank, with dark eyebags. His nose is round and he doesn't have perfect teeth but he's always grinning. He's 155 centimeters tall, and his body type might be a mystery to anyone because he's always wearing a big turtleneck, at least one or two sizes bigger than his. He has a cartoony feel to all his features, which allows him to be ridiculously flexible, and his legs and feet have a cartoony feeling to them, since they're pointy and not quite conventionally human.

In human form, his aura is sharper, and he has black hair and dark blue eyes. He's still usually seen grinning, but his expression drops a little.


He seems cheery and friendly, he's always grinning and would laugh at most things, even if he's in pain or if he's being insulted. His actions are always intended to be performed in a comical way, repeating a pattern of attitude in which he takes the role of a cartoon character. He's greatly interested in kissing people, and will act friendly towards anyone until he gets what he wants.

Most of the time, depending on the situation, he becomes more sharp-tongued, and depending on the person, spits out passive-aggressive sentences along with guilt tripping and taunting, all while still grinning.

However, all of this is just an act.

He's not certain if he has a real personality, but his usual one is a satire of himself. In reality, he's bitter, doesn't laugh very much, isn't friendly and gets angry at people very easily. His instinct is to hide these things and putting up a cheerful act. Something that's true of him, though, is that he's pretty stubborn and prideful and passive-aggressive, and whenever a challenge is presented in front of him he'd take it with no hesitation, even if the consequences might lead him to worse situations.

While tied to his ability, sometimes he gets "cartooney highs", very similar to adrenaline highs, in which he disregards his human thoughts and acts solely as his 'persona'. His attitude becomes erratic and devoted solely to the purpose of being funny. He can easily snap out of it, especially when he needs to be manipulative, but due to his identity issues it's actually a little hard for him to difference when he's in a cartooney high or just in his normal state.

He's especially driven about acting, and will act any sort of personality he's needed to, both when disguising as a human and when impersonating other people.

He's made of many sharp angles and protected his own core and his real feelings from anyone and everyone. Almost everything he says is a lie, an irony or a half-truth.


He is a doppelgänger, but not of a specific person. He has the ability to impersonate anyone if he makes physical contact with their soul. He's only able to make physical contact with souls through the lips, so he goes around trying to kiss people to get their appearances. He always does bad things when impersonating people so it will socially kill them. Every death that occurs under his impersonation gets him a black rope he can use to attack with.

When he impersonates someone, he gets a glimpse of the person's basic information and powers/abilities if they have any. His acts, however, are entirely up to him.

If he's close to the person, his eyes will look all white. If he's away from that person, he will look exactly the same as them. If he stays impersonating that person for a long time, his eyes won't change colors if he approaches that person.

He's forced to turn back into his default form if he's under enough damage that would kill the person he is impersonating (ie. if he impersonates a human and gets stabbed, he will turn back to default).

He's also able to shapeshift without kissing anyone but it's in a very mild way, and he keeps his all-white color scheme. He's able to shapeshift to his human self and to a small bird (a white wagtail)

He's very agile and flexible. He possesses cartoon-like flexibility which he uses to his advantage, and can pull off some other cartooney tricks for his own advantage, though he can only do it when he's feeling the less human he can. All the objects he creates in a cartooney way are entirely disposable and he generally can't do any harm with them. He can only perform cartoon physics when he's being watched by at least one person.

He's been cursed, so he's immortal and his powers got nerfed. Some of the rules to them are that he can't kiss and impersonate unconscious people, he only gets one chance to look like a person after he impersonated them (that is, if he switches back to default he can't go back to the last impersonation) and he can't impersonate someone while he's already impersonate someone else.

Like every other ghost, he's able to phase through things, levitate, and do spooky things in general. He's also able to manipulate his own voice for creepy effects.


His cause of death was suicide. He hung himself during a theatre play in front of the audience, which was part of the play and was arranged so he wouldn't die, but he arranged it so it accomplished on killing him.

He doesn't remember anything of his past life. Or if he does, it's just trivial stuff.

When he came to life as a ghost, he picked up the pace of his job pretty quickly, and his assigned power was impersonating people whenever he kissed them, acquiring their appearance and their abilities/powers if they had any (the only thing that remained the same was his blood, and his eyes remained blank if he was close to the person he kissed). The peculiarity of it, was that if he did enough bad things as the person he was acting as and somehow drove that person to death, he'd get a black rope he could use to attack with.

So, even if he was becoming skeevier and more manipulative everytime, since he made "deals" with criminals so they would kiss him and they'd be free (and that was a lie), he WAS doing his job correctly. He considered himself one of the best cops around, and one day he confronted a very elusive criminal known as Clint, who managed to escape from Leppo at their first meeting.

That got him annoyed, so he was determined to catch him, and he chased after him since then. Unfortunately for Leppo, in one of their persecutions, Clint found a couple of golden pistols that shot bullets made of light, which became a threat for Leppo from then on, and made their chase even harder.

One day, Leppo disguised as a random stranger and camouflaged with a crowd trying to sneak up and attack Clint. However, in both of their attacks and with a pinch of confusion, they both accidentally killed a human (the stranger Leppo was disguising as).

Harming humans was greatly punished by the gods, and killing one got both cursed directly, swapping their roles, so Clint would be the cop, and Leppo would be the criminal. In addition, they became immortal, so they would "chase each other forever"

Now that he's a criminal he assumes the role with not a lot of trouble. He goes around asking strangers to kiss him, and now that he's met Clint, most of his motives are to throw him off, and to become powerful enough to overthrow the gods.

Since then, he's been dying a lot. His pain tolerance is low, and he acts like a masochist but he's not, so he's gotten pretty mad at people harming him. His temper has gotten worse since he got cursed, but he won't ever give up on trying to win it against Clint.

His passtime is avoiding the police and kissing people and causing mayhem, trying to find a powerful being he could kiss so he'd have a reign of terror all of his own.


  • Is extremely weak towards direct light and fire. The light of a lightbulb can make his skin explode in a grotesque way. Direct sunlight doesn't make him bleed, but he generally avoids it.
  • Acts as an extrovert and touches people without their consent a lot, despite hating being touched himself (he thinks it's gross, gross, gross)
  • Is scared of happiness.
  • Because of both of those things, he's sex averse (again, he doesn't act like it). He doesn't hate pleasure, but it really freaks him out.
  • Has a slight preference for masculine people.
  • Usually claims a lot of his favorite things are things heavily tied with Clint (the color pink, cockroaches, etc) but he generally despises those the most.
  • Since he has a broken sense of identity, remembering his human life is his weak point and it will make him freak out a whole, whole lot. This happens to him in the future no matter what timeline it is.
  • Doesn't care about his own appearance. He'd rather play a role than dress himself, but he doesn't mind wearing anything. As a human he liked turtlenecks a lot, but he was quite careless about fashion anyway.
  • Thinks he doesn't have sense of taste since he doesn't have a gag reflex, but his favorite food are oreos.
  • His blood is dark blue and it smells and tastes disgusting, kinda like fosil oil.
  • Hates the gods (though obviously never says it. you never know when they're looking at you). He has a god complex himself, and it shows sometimes, but it's not something he flaunts about either. He has the excuse that 'this is all just a game for the gods'
  • When confronting people, rarely goes in for the kill. But at the same time he's ridiculously easily angered, so if he's challenged enough he might go for the kill. If he's impersonating someone and killing someone is in character, he'd do it without hesitating. He takes roles very seriously.
  • ... And not so seriously at all. He has the tendency of satirizing the people he impersonates for his convenience, turning them into purposeless people. Very often exaggerating any trait he gets from them, and mischaracterizing them. He does this on purpose, because he's actually completely capable of acting perfectly like the people he impersonates.
  • Will FIND excuses to get angry at people. No matter what tiny thing it is, he will get angry.
  • His human name is Lucca Scareti, but he naturally has no idea about this. When he disguises as a human, he goes by Clint.
  • The more human he feels, the less cartooney he's able to act. By nature, feeling human is a good thing; which he's scared of, as he's scared of happiness.
  • Since ghost abilities don't work on other ghosts, his attitude is very different towards them, especially to the ones that don't know what his deal is. He dances around the subject of kissing them, and generally doesn't show any kind of interest, but still attempts to be polite or gross enough to drive them away (if they aren't driven away, then... that's awkward, isn't it)