TBN's Ownership

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Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

antlers Global Rules
When owning one of my designs you MAY change it however you'd like! HOWEVER: you may NOT edit the original artwork of the design.

Do NOT write, draw, or paint over my original artwork. If you want to change the design you must draw it yourself or commission someone else to draw it with your desired changes.

You may NOT trade/sell/give away my designs outside of Toyhou.se.
You may NOT trade/sell/give away my designs to blacklisted users.

Owning one of my designs REQUIRES it to stay on Toyhou.se; I do not transfer designs outside of this website. Any design that claims to be mine outside of Toyhou.se is either owned illegitimately OR I did not actually design it.

You may only resell a design for its original worth or less, UNLESS art has been added to its Toyhou.se page.

Breaking these terms of use will have you added to a permanent, public blocklist and you will no longer be able to commission me or acquire any of my designs.