[WIP] Monacha Passerine



Monacha Passerine

Basics:She/her pronouns. Unknown age. Born December 2nd.
Obtained:February 1st, 2017

A harpy from Fontanelle who was sent to Heaven College long ago and graduated with ease. Her healing powers are nigh-unique on Fontanelle; magic is rare enough, but healing magic is almost entirely unheard of. Monacha doesn't waste hers, having gunned for a position among Heaven College's medical staff and finding herself a perfect fit. She graduated around the time when Heaven College started changing for the worst, and with Monacha having been raised as a tool of war she had little problem with what was asked of her. Vivisection, experimentation, torture... she was good at it and loved learning about the inner workings of other beings, so she's yet to feel any guilt or remorse for her many horrendous actions. She comes off as a polite and nice enough person, but she has little in the way of innate goodness.