Mordicai L. Griffin



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The Alchemist
Mordicai L. Griffin
Age: 27, or thereabouts (Immortal)
 Date of Birth: January 23rd

Gender: Male
Species:  Demonic Human (See history)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: In a Relationship with
Occupation: Healer 


  •  Height: 5'10
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color:  Green

    Mordicai, despite his amassed age appears to be near the tail end of his youth as some might say. He is quite the perfectionist when it comes down to it. His clothes are no exception. Shirts neatly pressed, the curl of his hair swept to the left. His glasses, perched upon a broken nose  are a shade of bronze, the wide square lenses only rimmed around the sides and the top. As for his build his shoulders are average though the muscle is there.

     Nothing to impressive with a slightly narrow waist and certainly longer through the legs than he is the torso. The dark slacks are well fitted to his frame, tight through his legs with the shirt he wears usually tucked into them. He prefers to keep things neutral in color, and the only real accent is the broach he wears sometimes pinned to the outside of a blazer or on his winter pea coat. He usually never leaves anywhere without his flat cap nestled atop his head. A skinny tie, sometimes in rather outlandish colors as he usually never picks out, he lets Gainsly buy them and doesn't mind.


Mordicai is a very strict man for his profession and newly appointed ambassador position don't allow him to be anything else most of the time. He is a very 'by the book' sort of person and damned be anyone who attempts to get him to deviate from his path.  With a fondness for knowledge however sometimes his best interests and his desires do get the better of him. He's a bit of a grouch in recent years but all in all he's still the loveable town doctor that Rorschach knows him to be. And so long as he remains in good faith with the visitors arriving from within the fog, so to will the people of this humble town. He seems to have a lot of sway over how the townspeople feel despite not noticing much himself.

Smoking, old books, solitude, peacocks, figs
Custard, disorganized people
  • Comprehensive medical knowledge gained from the practice ran by the last three generations of his family. In this day an age he's got more at his disposal than ever before from the art of Alchemy he has been practicing for over a century. Modern and Magical healing together work far more efficiently than they are apart. 
  • He speaks three Languages, English, French and a bit of whatever the hell language might be native for demons of Saph
  •  He is an expert at horseback riding, and can ride both bareback as well as with the usual equipment. 
  • He has a nervous habit of chewing on the ear piece of his glasses, or pen  when nervous.
  •  Mordicai is the sort of man who laughs at awkward situations.
  • Ever since boyhood when his mother scolded him has he done this.
Mordicai grew up on a never ending quest to please people, whether it was his family or his friends or even the country he never really ever did anything simply because he wanted to do it. He inherited the family practice, his father and grandfather before him had run. But this never made him honestly happy. Not when so many others had gone off to fight in the war in India. 
When his friends returned home, they were heroes and he was simply just the village doctor to them. Even his aspirations to become a licensed physician were dashed when his father took ill pulling him out of school.  However that would all change with the help of Gainsly. 
His mysterious partner whom befriended the young Doctor rather quickly in exchange for his soul when their time together was up. Mordicai took the deal without a second thought gaining what he truly wanted, power and skill beyond measure of his day and age. At the end of a good 20 years Gainsly got what he wanted from Mordicai and the pair disappeared, though not before continuing their ventures elsewhere. 
His contract now fulfilled with the demon, Mordicai is no longer entirely human, and has become the constant companion of Gainsly as the two have become more than just partners through time. Though his standing in the world of Demons is that of a man without a soul, as it now fully belongs to Gainsly with little protest on his part.