❝ Oh, the flowers? Don't mind them much...

Creepy|  Disturbing|  Uhhh  





AGE ||







150 lbs




Thin and lanky, though you can't tell because of his puffy clothing. Often dirty, smelling like blood and damp soil. Enveloped in thin and thorny vines of some undiscernable plant species.



A man of few words. 

He is simple and distracted easily, though very observant and picks up on small details. Hard to understand, the inner workings of his mind are an enigma.

Wants to know everything about you. Very possessive, when he befriends you he will not leave you alone. If you are his enemy, he will not leave you alone either until he gets rid of you. 

Makes people uncomfortable very easily. Often looks dreamy, and he sounds disconnected when he speaks. Will trail off most times in the middle of his sentences. 

Total weirdo, hoards things he finds interesting. Loves to touch and feel, especially if you have fur. He loves to pet fur, but often ends up making it scruffy and messy due to his rough hands. 

Sometimes hallucinates when too many flowers grow on him. While hallucinating, he is afraid of everything and is extremely aggressive. Be wary around him when he hallucinates, or else you might end up with a huge gash down your stomach.


✔️ ||

Cats, birds, bugs, hot chocolate, classical music, daggers, internal organs, touching, his "friends".

✖️ ||

Flowers, taking off his mask, being left alone, messes, flashing lights, milk, and his "enemies".




  • Design inspired by Zacharie from OFF.
  • he freaks me out too and i made his personality
  • His eyesight isn't that good, although it isn't that bad either. He prefers to use his sense of touch to experience the world around him.
  • Voice Claim - Bob Ross (very soft and quiet)